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  1. I find the club member disc quite entertaining. And the only way this thread has any credence is if it is in the "paid member" area. Otherwise it is complaining without paying.
  2. He went to Africa and hasn't been seen since. I think a lion got him.
  3. Was this what you saw? This is what was parked in Dublin last year and definitely not a 320...more like a small DC9.
  4. Funny thing is they were booed off the stage as openers for U2 on a prior tour. How the worm has turned.
  5. Really like the song and really love U2's rendition. The minimilast lighting is a nice touch.
  6. Oh, I totally agree and I'm all for it. I would love an excuse to run back over to Dublin again. My point was that fair has nothing to do with it, the reason North America gets multiple legs is ease of transportation without crossing national lines(generally) and population centers. It's about economics, not fair.But having said that....bring it on....keep running the Claw around the globe, particularly Dublin! However, let's get real, the night I saw them in Dublin 7/24/09, it got down to 49 degrees farenheit that evening and that was middle of summer. How would an October/November/Decem
  7. [quote name='celticfc09 wrote: peterferris8']Dublin & the UK...LET IT HAPPEN!! If North America can get 2 legs, why can't the UK & Dublin? Not fair! something has to be said for size
  8. Um....two of them aren't Irish. And it's not necessarily the Irishness quality of the music that makes it good or bad, that is a matter of everyone's personal preference. Achtung Baby was certainly not very Irishy...nor was Pop, Zooropa, All you Can't leave Behind, Dismantling the Bomb, etc. For the record, my opinion is that it isn't a failure, a lot of the songs are good but it isn't among my top 5 fave U2 discs.
  9. LOVE IT! This song and Every Breaking Wave are my two favorites so far.
  10. I have to agree. I'd be interested to see what they do but an improvement is hard to imagine on that CD. Still my fave release of all time.
  11. You are entitled to your mis-guided opinions but millions of folks in the world totally disagree with you. I can't comment on the One situation and I don't think you know the scoop either. But as for the music, it is a matter of personal preference, if you don't like them, why don't you just twaddle away?
  12. Don't forget Silversun Pickups and Passion Pit.
  13. This doesn't sound good. Hope it doesn't lead to permanent problems for him. I don't know anything about medicine but involving a neuro surgeon would seem to indicate the spinal cord was involved. Anybody with medical knowledge care to do some educated speculation?
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