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  1. I will say there were some technical / sound things that were off in the show overall, that the band kind of shrugged off, but I attributed that to there being sound glitches at every single show I've been to at Cowboys Stadium.
  2. Maybe it was just start of tour jitters? I could see his B stage prompter from where I was last night and it didn't seem like he was referencing it. I only heard one "missed a line" moment and it was very short and he was fiddling with his earpiece so maybe it was a sound hitch. He sounded great last night. The Edge was on fire though. His harmonies sounded better then the album (maybe he's a better singer 30 years on?) And he set that guitar on fire.
  3. I'm going to be a voice of partial dissent here. Yes, I really wish they would have swapped out Pride or Sunday for A Sort of Homecoming, but they're still both great live. They are touchstones at this point. I really wish Heartland had been in the mix too. But, we can't always get what we want. Here's where I disagree with the majority it sounds like, I wasn't initially thrilled with Miss S on the list, but seeing it live it was a highlight of the show. The visuals were extremely moving. It's a beautiful song and Bono let Pavarotti have the opera which (just for me personally maybe, I don't know how many Pavarotti fans intersect with U2 fans) was a moving memory of their collaboration with the greatest tenor. I really loved it live when taken as a whole. My son who was sitting with my mom in seats during the show said at the end it was his favorite song of the show (it was relatable for him as a child seeing the kids in the video and hearing the girl talk about her dreams). That surprised me because along with Exit, I'm sure it's the song he had the least pre-exposure to. In looking through IG this morning and at the local show review, we're not alone in finding it a powerful moment and moving without being maudlin or schmaltzy. And, to be more contrary, I also like Ultraviolet as a ZOOtv touchstone and found the visual style took you into memories of that show. And as a woman who was verbally assaulted twice (by the same mysoginist) at the show, any message that is pro-female is both needed and welcome. I know we all have our wishlist of songs, but on the whole I loved the show.
  4. From Official AT&T twitter AT&T Stadium‏Verified account @ATTStadium Following More REVISED GA FLOOR PLAN: GA Floor queue line wristbands will be handed out in numerical order at 6am. ENTIRE PARTY MUST BE PRESENT. Y'all....y'all...why does Dallas always have to be SO EXTRA!!! How many times have the rules changed today. I'm so sorry for those of you who are trying to sort through this muddle.
  5. Just saw a post that the lot closest to cowboys way and Collins is open for in and out until 1pm tomorrow.
  6. At&t said their lots won't open until 2:30. You may want to call and check if there will be designated come and go parking for GA check in. Hope all you GA peeps have a great time.
  7. I bought mine the day tickets went on regular sale. We had a nightmare parking at Coldplay and I'm not going through that drama again. Same thing with your bags/purses. Be sure you know the rules cause they're crazy and pretty much all the parking is far away if you have to take stuff back to the car. The last show I was at two women threw their purses in the bushes right outside the entrance rather than take them to the car and thought they would still be there when they came out. They weren't.
  8. The price will be $5 higher paying at the lots if there are spaces. Having been to a half dozen events there with various levels of parking preparedness, I'd pay whatever they asked up front. GA people will probably be early but if you're late and Jerry's lots are full the private places within a mile are usually $75+ when you haven't paid in advance.
  9. They don't make exceptions either. Be sure you measure your clutch/wristlet if you're bringing one.
  10. I did the line in 09 too and I've done the line at the AAC in Dallas as well as lines in Chicago, Charlotte, NYC and STL. Dallas is NEVER as organized as other cities about leaving the queue in my experience, nor are people generally as kind. In fact, I've found them to be kind of rude. But I wasn't at the front with the 3am people. But as long as you're with a few people you know so you can leave someone in line you shouldn't have a problem. Additionally Cowboys stadium is always "special" and has it's own processes (like no purses allowed) In 09 they were adamant that people could not show up the night before or "camp out" on the grounds of the stadium. However, I got there at about 10 am in '09 and got in line and got a spot on the outside rail exactly where I wanted because once you get in the walk is far down to the ground level and they're usually letting in 10+ people at a time so you can make up some ground on the way down (they do not let you run, but I saw people running last time). There are porta-potties that are large (handicapped accessible) on the cowboys lots and a walmart and a few food places (I think there's a Cici's across the street from where we queued last time, they were clever and brought pizzas over to the line that they were selling for $8 or something). If you don't have a pass for a close lot the walk back to your car can be FAAAAAAR. Last time I had my husband come by after work to pick up our chairs and cooler because it was almost a 2 miles to the car and back. Hope y'all have a great time.
  11. I so endorse this post. My new dislike, boarding on hate, is people who hold up a phone in front of me for extended periods. I usually tolerate a few snaps now and then throughout the show, but good grief - it has become out of control. The last concert I attended - Foo Fighters- I told the gal (very nicely) "hey, why don't you watch the show with your eyes and enjoy the moment, cause it won't again. You will be able to go online and find 1000s of pics from this very concert posted but you are not getting the eye to brain live connection ever again". She paused, thought for a minute and then said "you know what you are right". Put away her camera and proceeded to jam her ass off to the music instead of trying to take pictures. Thanked me after the show actually. Good moment. Oh my Gosh, I wish had been less shy and said something because it was massively annoying. I had flown in from Dallas on a 5 am flight that day and the light was so obnoxious to my tired eyes. But shyness and fear of starting a confrontation as a solo female alone 800 miles from home kept me from being as assertive as I should have been because he filmed the ENTIRE show. I mean the whole damn thing. Holding his phone in the air from the front barrier of the RZ. The. whole. show. Next time I will say something.
  12. If the stadium has any pre paid parking available it will be for sale on Ticketmaster during the regular sale. But that may not be your best plan if you're arriving in the AM for GA because you have to buy a pass for a specific lot and it may not be open in the am when you arrive. Last time when we arrived in the morning for the GA line the stadium had us park in the furthest lot. 14 or 15 I think. I called the stadium about 3 weeks before and they told me what the process was going to be. If you'll be arriving in the evening, check with area shuttle restaurants or buy on a private lot on park whiz closer to the date. It's a walk even from the cowboys lots. The lots are all flat, no garages, so they spread endlessly.
  13. At least the Rangers aren't home that night... But parking there stinks. Sort out your parking early. They will gouge you. We saw no parking night of under $75 for Coldplay for people who were just showing up. The restaurants do offer a good deal for shuttles if they're offering them that night.
  14. Dallas required a presale code for RZ. Sorry for fans in cities that had mess ups.
  15. Once the regular sale has started the mods will open up a ticket want/have/ need section for trading tickets or selling them at face value (including fees). That might be an option for you to avoid giving ticketsatan more money. I've used it before and it has worked out fine. I had 2 extra GAs for Dallas at 360 and I offered them up. A Zootopia subscriber and her friend from Austin drove up for the show and gave me face value for the tickets. It was all friendly and good.
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