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    1992-11-04 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - B.C. Place Stadium
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  1. Hi! I'm going to London 1 and 2...70 more sleeps U2ers!
  2. Hi all, I am not sure how to find Willy's Diary on this new site....I have searched, used to always be part of the tour section. Anyone able to give me a link please? I feel a bit silly not able to find it. This feature has always been my favourite part of the tour and I am hoping that U2.com has not decided to scrap it or something? Anyone else who was looking forward to the posts? Perhaps they are going to keep doing the diaries and I just need to simmer down and wait for the first posts to come in once the tour starts? I know in the past they used to delay the post by 7-10 d
  3. 83 more sleeps to VEGAS!! We are on the ole twitter too, some of you who went to Vegas in Oct 2009 will recognize the handle. @VegasU2360 Gathering U2360 fans in Vegas July 14th, 2012 for #Clawfest!! You've been all over... · http://www.mrstheedge.com/forum/forum.php Hope to see you all there... Who's going? ROLL CALL!!!!!
  4. I just faxed too. That Faxzero website works like a charm! Thanks so much to all of you for the info and I will spread the word.
  5. Ok I will add my voice, I've been tweeting it all week. This is going to work! Thanks for all the info too.
  6. There it finally loaded correctly! I just love this shot because Bono was so emotional. It just summed up the feeling right at that moment. Sometimes U2 is just a tiny bit mindblowing.
  7. Seattle - love the mirror ball lighting up the night.
  8. Bono had so much fun on that mic...LOL!
  9. Bono introduced him, as a ladies man, and he threw his arms up at the end! Adam was all smiles all night.
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