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  1. Hear hear! well said Dan. I'm totally with you here. Not only that - presales are already on official secondary ticket markets!! Unreal. I was a fanclub member renewed Nov 2017 as their biggest benefit was not some weight book that I'll never get round to reading, (hey -a cd of some of that material you've been recording would've been nice, U2.. #justSaying) nor a discount code for buying overpriced lithographs of so-so photography somehow distantly related to a U2 album in some way. No , the biggest factor was I was going to get preferential access to tickets with a strong chance o
  2. yeah I did hear USA sales were a nightmare am just being a miserable git then? just .. ya know... sitting down at a u2 gig? watching a big telly? its just... not that different to seeing the dvd id have thought. Did seating for Elevation 2001, and just didn't feel it at all. sigh.. do you think I'm being a whining ungrateful ol' dog then? hehe its ok, you can say "yes, youre being a moaning ol' hack. buy the tickets, and stop moaning. U2 innit." .. if want.
  3. thanks mich - i'll keep trying. I'm not imagining things though am I ? it does feel harder to get tickets this time - and there are a LOT on the resale stubhub and getmein sites already - really? ? theres something not right here, surely.
  4. well - nothing - nothing at all for me. I'm so crushingly disappointed, its unreal. never had this trouble before - have this nagging suspicion that presale system has been tweaked with so that it behaves differently to previous tours. Maybe i'll get some sort of luck with the album presale code, but I'm not holding out much hope. I do think us fanclub presale-ers have been stitched up though. harsh, really harsh. even booked the hotel at O2 , too, so that's burned off then. aw man. Just gutted.
  5. well.. an hour later - still nothing and zero at Manchester too.. but Manchester does show tickets for seating (yuk) - but NOTHING at London. Surely somethings wrong...
  6. hope that a ray of light. did you keep clicking ok and then it would magically find tickets, or did you have to keep logging out?
  7. hey ruth. Yep - retrying and logging in and out and all that - same result. I'm furious. Guys, I think we've been conned. "Be a member!" , says u2.com , "be a member and enjoy presales access!" BS.
  8. hey jonno. i'll admit - I'm FUMING. like seriously cross. This wasn't like this during IE2015, so whatever mucking about u2 have been doing to an mostly-not-broken-so-why-fix-it system hasn't worked. I'm hoping its the website thts crashed. or some sort of database thing that's failed. no tickets?? at ANY price level? Seriously??? U2 - whats going on? this isn't a decent fan experience at all!
  9. tryting to get tickets for London, get into the point to actually buy tickets then it says "no tickets found",. even if I say show me ANY tickets at any price point -still nothing found... sold out already?? Surely not!
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