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  1. Happy birthday Mr. posh man that you are. Have a great one. Muahh
  2. It has never happened like that. Be happy you got one
  3. I still haven't gotten my presale code and getting nervous
  4. I have had that dream of Ireland since 85..You were very blessed
  5. I need to know soon if the North American tour is going to be rescheduled and when!!
  6. Acceptance of the good , bad and the ugly...
  7. I am so sorry to hear about Bono and his back surgery. I pray for a speedy recovery that he will be even strong this time and feeling great.
  8. Good vibes and prayers your way..Good luck
  9. On KROQ in 82 , a radio station here in L.A...
  10. Boy - 8 October - 9 War - 8 Unforgettable Fire - 10 Joshua Tree - 10 Rattle and Hum - 7 Achtung Baby - 8 Zooropa - 5 Pop - 3 All That You Can't Leave Behind - 7 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb - 8 No Line on the Horizon - 6
  11. I hyave not been thrilled with the last album but when it comes down to it, seeing U2 in concert is a blessing. They are not going to be around forever. I have been blessed to have seen them live since 85.
  12. I have liked U2's music since 82 but became a huge fan when I saw the UFF tour in 85. I was hooked and loved Bono
  13. I have never been to Ireland and have always wanted to see U2 there. Then I heard that rumor that they were going to be there in Oct 2010 but it isn't true. So now I am thinking about just going for fun..Would anybody be up for a trip there and join me?
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