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  1. You glorify the past....when the future dries up........?
  2. Oh. Did I miss ANOTHER tour?? Bugger! Must set my alarm next time............
  3. zootvboy


    Isn't Thursday's show during half-term?
  4. I thoroughly disagree... the three noughties albums have been sub par. Also the first three albums they released were fairly poor too... Seriously??? Boy is a fantastic album War and October are pretty good too! As for the noughties both ATYCLB had some great tracks and so did Atomic Bomb but NLOTH is a very under rated album and is up there with their best. This ^^^
  5. My favorite pic...Chris and Bono From Coldplay to teaboy! Well it's a step up the ladder, I suppose........
  6. What a crock of shit! I'm gonna write me a book, & call it "The Bible: Part 2*." So many gullible people out there, reckon I'll make a couple of mill at least! *Copyright 2011.
  7. How convenient! The sun finally comes out, cue the queue (see what I done there ) for a sicknote from the doc.
  8. Apparently, you can't say c*** in Canada.
  9. Don't think he's on Facebook. I mean, he's over the age of 12 & he's not socially retarded, so why bother?
  10. Which terrorist organisation does McDonalds now donate funds to, seeing as the IRA are supposedly no more?
  11. 123love wrote: that would be funny as I would see them on the loungr room floor on mattresses and lmao my dog would lick them to death.... Your dog is called lmao?
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