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  1. I got email not confirmed on my profile. How can I get it confirmed?
  2. Happy New Year to all ! I wish to knwo how to validate my email address ? I ahve this in my qaccoutn info opage: EMAIL STATUS Not Confirmed
  3. Hi ! I couldn't access either and i couldn't post message for help, but i have logged in with the password remembered for 2 weeks, and it's working !!! I have renewed as well.
  4. Hi ! Say first what kind of tix you want, GA ? Seats ?
  5. Hi ! I queued all night to be the first in line as i was going to work after and we were told at 7.50 am the outlet will sell only Dublin 1 tickets as theycouldn't access the page for Dublin 2 tickets. What makes me angry was the site crashed before the time of the sale. That means Ticketmaster was not ableto handle the number of connections. My friends cannot afford paying a subscription and they ended up empty hands. What Ticketmaster should do is to print a quota of tickets the day before the general sale at the outlets or to allow a quota online and the rest in theoutlets. Because w
  6. Voted ! You can always use google translation if you don't understand
  7. Reading the last message from Bajagirl, i noticed this: 12.- DO NOT DELETE your INVOICE/RECEIPT or 25% coupon email.. This proves you paid and if there is any problem, we will need it. Also might want to keep yourcredit card statement around (better safe than sorry) I have not received this email when i renewed. I have kept a copy of the page on Notepad though. I have confirmed my email address and i can access everything. Please, help ! Thanks.
  8. I renewed with the numbers in front of my email address and now have an Order Number. I never got an email since it had those numbers in front of my"email" address. I cannot remove the numbers as the system says there's another member with this address.
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