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  1. Has anyone heard about the status of the U2 SiriusXM channel that was supposed to launch this year? The world could really use that music right now. Peace.
  2. No. Nothing nuanced about it. The album sucks.
  3. After more than a week of steady listening on Spotify (the vinyl still hasn’t arrived from Live Nation), I can’t shake the opinion that this is easily U2’s worst album. Just embarrassing. I can’t help cringe at different points throughout the album. U2 is more corporation than band now. It’s too late to quit with grace; can they quit before they become evil? (My experience with Live Nation tells me no.)
  4. This is the first U2 album that I dislike the more I listen to it. A few gems, but mostly cringe. Best song: Red Flag Day. The album as a whole: Meh. C+
  5. No, sorry, Madonna isn't a rock band.
  6. The Beatles Bob Marley and The Wailers The Clash Pearl Jam U2 My Morning Jacket Radiohead R.E.M. Led Zeppelin
  7. I like how he used the Fez-Being Born lyrics as a metaphor for traffic
  8. A cool but different way to listen to the album via The Oregonian in Portland, OR Rush hour with U2: 'Running down the road like looseelectricity'
  9. Man, 19. I can't remember anything from that year. I think I was dumped once or twice that summer. I think I thought it was the end of the world each time.Still, you have to realize that there more nights and sunrises and don't be in a rush to live a normal life. Throw some punches and relish in your abilityto reinvent yourself several more times . The 20's are a period of rebirth. Just go! I'm turning 40 in May. The only recipe I can give when the night gets too dark: God, family, good music, a good book, a long bike ride.
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