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  1. Has anyone heard about the status of the U2 SiriusXM channel that was supposed to launch this year? The world could really use that music right now. Peace.
  2. As a Christian, I'm assuming you know that every translation of the Bible is exactly that -- a translation. What's more, Kendrick Lamar barking a upside-down version of the Beatitudes is intended as commentary, noting how the powerful in America have twisted Christ's commandments to suit their own egos and wealth. It's quite brilliant and powerful, as is the video. Christ's message of grace calls on us to challenge ourselves, not to always seek comfort and rejoice in the normal. Get out of your own way. Christ was a teacher. He wants us to learn.
  3. No. Nothing nuanced about it. The album sucks.
  4. After more than a week of steady listening on Spotify (the vinyl still hasn’t arrived from Live Nation), I can’t shake the opinion that this is easily U2’s worst album. Just embarrassing. I can’t help cringe at different points throughout the album. U2 is more corporation than band now. It’s too late to quit with grace; can they quit before they become evil? (My experience with Live Nation tells me no.)
  5. This is the first U2 album that I dislike the more I listen to it. A few gems, but mostly cringe. Best song: Red Flag Day. The album as a whole: Meh. C+
  6. Same here. No code. Experience Group. Every tour since 1987. Not this time.
  7. I was 18, in the Army after graduating from high school, feeling lost and homesick, searching for a church I could receive in, a cause I could believe in, money to pay for college, a way out of learning how to bayonet and shoot faceless “enemies” in Fort Benning, Georgia. The Joshua Tree on my clandestine Walkman, hidden in a ceiling panel above my bunk, kept my soul whole and my mind clear in basic training. I eventually broke my arm beyond repair. I was discharged. I was lost. But The Joshua Tree helped me heal. I found my church (I run a retreat center and farm for the Episcopal Church) and my causes and my education. Not the life I imagined, but better at 48.
  8. Let me start by saying I haven’t grown much since seeing U2 for the first time in 1992. In fact, I still wear my XL Zoo TV tour shirts without problem. So consider my disappointment when I splurged on a $40 XL Joshua Tree shirt at a show in June and it already doesn’t fit. It was too small to begin with. After two washes, it fits like a medium. I was already telling myself that I could no longer afford any more U2 shows. Sadly, that was my last of 12 shows. The apparent total disregard for the fan’s dollar when its comes to the merch is just one more reason to say goodbye. I’ll stick to bootleg merch in the future. At least it fits. Anyone else having trouble with the JT shirt sizes?
  9. I haven't seen any chatter about this on the Zoo Forum, so I thought I would start a thread. For anyone who has been looking for a copy of How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb on vinyl, but doesn't want to plunk down $200 for the original pressing, good news: The album has been officially re-pressed and re-issued without fanfare. You can buy it on Music Direct right now. https://www.musicdirect.com/vinyl/U2-How-to-Dismantle-an-Atomic-Bomb-(Vinyl-LP) You're welcome.
  10. Meanwhile, in Yemen, women and children are starving to death. Really, people?
  11. Actually, I would argue Pearl Jam's fan club ticket system is far, far better than U2's.
  12. First world problems, http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/europes-border-crisis/migrants-shiver-icy-blast-grips-europe-s-crowded-refugee-camps-n705116 Just saying.
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