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    Ottawa, Canada
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    Achtung Baby!
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    Bullet the Blue Sky
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    Joshua Tree - June 12, 1987 Wembley London England
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    Vancouver May 14 & 15, Montreal June 13 & 17
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    Soo tough to decide. Probably when my son was pulled on stage for SBS in Montreal, Nov 26 2005.
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  1. In Montreal I had the pleasure of meeting this super fan... we probably all recognize him. At 360 shows he managed to place himself right in front of Bono. He was there in MONCTON when I was there, also in Vancouver in May and at concert #47 Montreal a few feet away. He has total dedication. Anyone know his Twitter handle? Seems like a fun guy to follow! He must be on U2.com Brian
  2. Oh, darn... I was in bed... missed it. Thanks though.
  3. Thanks CathalB44, I just sent you a PM. Thank you for reaching out to me. I can appreciate your dilemma. The pre sale process was quite restrictive unfortunately. It's always a panic buying U2 tickets. I appreciate your offer but it also presents a dilemma for me. Because I live in Ottawa I would have to make travel arrangements and because of my ALS I require some accommodation assistance. If I was already in Toronto I would have more flexibility but because of the logistics involved I am holding back unless I can get floor tickets and experience them up close. I was supposed to be upfro
  4. Hello Hello... I'm looking for 2 GA tickets for tomorrows Toronto show (July 7th). I'm a huge fan of U2. Unfortunately this will be my last U2 tour, so I'm trying to see them as much as possible. You see, over 2 years ago I was diagnosed with ALS, which is a terminal illness. 80% of people with ALS die within 3-5 years. So I feel certain this is my last U2 tour. I was at the opening show in Vancouver and just saw them in Montreal where we had floor tickets and I went with a group of friends and my wife and daughter.... it was an amazing night. For me U2 is more than music. It
  5. Oh! And I asked if he would do "Sleep Like a Baby Tonight", but he took a deep breath and said "We havn't played that yet, I don't know if it can be ready by Wednesday, but I'll put it in my notes." He said he could definitely be ready b y July 19 when we see them in NYC.
  6. I was able to meet Bono on Monday when he came to Ottawa to meet with our leaders. Justin Trudeau was very kind and gracious and invited me in to his meeting with Bono for a little chit chat and photo opp. Bono was very nice. I have ALS and had been advocating for enhanced compassionate care benefits which we successfully got in the federal budget. Justin was very supportive. Was very cool. Spent maybe 5 mins chatting with Bono. Told him we were at the concert in Montreal on Saturday and his face lit up and he started to say how AMAZING that show was, the people were so loud and the energ
  7. Longer show = more tunes is awesome!
  8. Sorry, I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't see it in the forum anywhere. Is there an opening act? Brian
  9. I've been a long time fan since 1986 and have been to 14 U2 concerts...my son was pulled up on stage by Bono in 2005 in Montreal. I AM A TRUE U2 FAN. I appreciate the fact that U2.com offers presale tickets to fans, I truly do. This will be my last concert tour. I was diagnosed with ALS last year and unfortunately I'll very likely be dead by the time the next tour happens. In fact, I'm hoping I can make it to next year so I can see this final U2 tour. This ticketless entry restriction (need to have person who bought the tickets, the credit card and ID), or the restriction on using the
  10. Ya, the U2.com link for the presale works but it sends you to a French web page...everything is in French no option for a translated page. That's a little annoying.
  11. Ottawa here...just past mid-night and I still haven't found what I'm looking for.... No web page update and no email despite saying that it was coming "today" (yesterday). A little concerned there is a technical glitch happening somewhere and some IT team is in a panic, or worse...unaware. Brian
  12. U2 Delay New Album and Tour to 2015: Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/u2-delay-new-album-and-tour-to-2015-20140307#ixzz2vOp4tsfE To paraphrase Bono: "Procrastination is the enemy of great." This morning I awoke to a Rolling Stone story that says that the new album that Bono said would be out by sometime this summer (I heard June kicked around), is now looking like it will be out sometime next year in 2015. WTF #Disappointed. I love these guys, I really do, and I can't wait for the new album and tour. Literally. I cannot wait. I can't wait because last yea
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