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  1. The location to me does not seem worth it. Might as well do GA and save a couple hundred dollars. Unfortunately no GA available.
  2. Lucky for you. I'm a longtime fan and have been to every tour since JT and never had the kind of difficulty in getting the tickets I wanted more than this one. Well I should rephrase that - I didn't want GA but settled for trying for it based on the ridiculous prices. I was on right at 1pm yesterday, logged in and all teed up and nada. Tried for about 30 minutes occasionally trying other options which were too expensive or limited view. Really really disappointing process. Just gotta hope I can snag 2 GA's come the public sale.
  3. It's not even just about GA going fast. It's just ridiculously expensive tickets and very disappointing as a longtime fan.
  4. No GA right at the on sale time for Philly in the Innocence group. Was only trying for GA due to the disappointing and outrageous prices. Probably will just skip a U2 tour for the first time since JT.
  5. I settled on trying to get GA tickets to Philly for Wells Fargo mainly because of the outrageous prices otherwise. Of course when I went to try and get them, they were gone and I am in the Innocence group and got through right away. They should have saved enough for us. VERY disappointed in these prices as a longtime fan who never misses a tour and may just do so this time around.
  6. I have pretty much gone to every tour since JT and these prices are by far the most disappointing I've seen. I'll probably do GA, although not my preference, to save some $$ but very tempted to skip this show in protest. I bet they will not sell out those "premium" seats anytime soon.
  7. For any Experience members, can you share the seating chart?
  8. $400 a pop right? Doesn't seem worth it to me based on the renderings. And I've done Red Zone three times already.
  9. I’m not sure I agree with that. $175 a pop and prob $200 each with fees. Sure they will be on the B-stage but I’m sure it won’t be long and probably 3/4 of the show you won’t have a great view. I think GA will be the way to go this show.
  10. LOL keep dreaming. RZ will be $350 minimum. RZ is a different shade of purple LOL.
  11. Really? I did Red Zone so I didn't even look at that. That is insane. The Red Zone thing was a once in awhile thing we do but not liking the location of it on this setup.
  12. I gotta say I'm pretty disappointed with the pricing. Lower Level premium seats are $329??? That's previous Red Zone prices. Upper Level with a good view of the stage is $175??? First time ever I'm contemplating passing on a tour if this is accurate.
  13. Red Zone with the kids was a great time! Here's a pic collage from my favorite pics and a link to some video highlights:
  14. Yeah it ended up being pretty open in Philly. Awesome show! The video camera was a bit annoying being in the way for a good portion of the show though.
  15. From what I've seen they are both at the same gate it's just that there will be an escort for Red Zone.
  16. Yep same here. It looks like there is a separate entrance where you can enter and get your tickets if I'm understanding it correctly. You just can't go in any earlier than anyone else.
  17. Thanks all! I'll expect to receive it next week then for Philly's show.
  18. Wow Red Zone looks packed - I thought it was supposed to have more room in it than that.
  19. We are Red Zone and with our kids so we aren't going crazy early so the K lot parking should work out for us. We will probably head down around 5pm or so.
  20. Thanks cerulean. We are 13 days away - hoping it arrives soon
  21. If you want to buy parking in advance (which is probably a good idea with the parking situation down there) I found this link right off of Lincoln Financial Field's website: https://phillysports.clickandpark.com Not sure if the prices are more than what they would be getting it down there but I'm heading down with my family (including 2 children) so I don't want to be walking for a mile to get to the show in case these lots get full. These tickets are for lot K right next to LFF.
  22. How close to your show did you get the Red Zone email explaining the procedure for ticket pickup, etc?
  23. I wouldn't think so. There is GA and the Red Zone isolated area.
  24. And let's not forget the geniuses who bring their iPads and film with those!
  25. No. Only the Red Zone to the left is a separate area from the rest of the GA.
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