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  1. Absolutely right. I don't care what the disclaimer says. If you're a paid member you should get a code, period.
  2. This is unacceptable. So does this mean that experience members could be shut out, while innocence members will get a presale code tomorrow?
  3. I never received an email last night but just received the text message with the presale code.
  4. I'm also a long time Propaganda fan member. I've seen every tour since Unforgettable Fire. Never received an email saying I was verified. Sent an email to customer service last night and so far have heard nothing. I sent all the requested info to the mods. Now I'm sitting here waiting for a text message that I know is not coming. So ridiculous.
  5. Thanks for the help. I've contacted customer support like you suggested.
  6. My worry is that since I haven't received an email it means that I haven't been verified for some reason.
  7. My account page shows "setup complete" and experience group yet I still haven't received an email. I'm really starting to doubt that I'll receive a presale code in the morning.
  8. I'm in the experience group and haven't received an email. Starting to get a bit paranoid.
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