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  1. If you don't hear back from lukylsp, I will take it. I am in Michigan too! Message me if available.
  2. Need one GA for Saturday. My sister desperately wants to come with me from Michigan. We attended the October tour show back in 1981 together and need to see this show together. Let me know if anyone can help!
  3. Chicago is a great city! My son moved there 2 years ago and I visit every few months. We saw Innocence and Experience at the United Center in 2015 and are seeing both of the Soldier Field shows in June. I also saw 360 at Soldier Field. No reason to be afraid. You will be surrounded by U2 fans and the area around Soldier Field is nice. Don't let fear keep you (and your son and daughter) from a once in a lifetime experience!
  4. Thanks, I saw that I am able to print my reserved ticket. I wasn't aware. I will give him my card to get in.
  5. My son and I are going to both Chicago shows. Both GA for show 1. He is GA and I am reserved for show 2. He will be in the GA line for show 2. How do we both get in? Can I wait in line with him, get him in and then go to the reserved entrance. For 360 show GA and Reserved were different entrances. Any ideas?
  6. I got GA tickets shortly after 9am using my Pixel.
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