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  1. Has anyone actually gotten their email from the Rose Bowl yet? I'm not expecting too much useful info, but it's always nice to know what the venue is planning.
  2. I'm Mariel from LA 2! I am glad that they're letting us vote for up to 5 people -- I've been able to meet some of the other lucky folks on stage and it's a great group! I would be thrilled to see any of them make it to Paris even if I don't. Good luck to everyone else!
  3. Hey Everyone -- Circumstances of fortune have conspired to make NYC possible! Hoping to find someone with a pair of available GA tix to ANY show ANY night. PM if you've got some! Or if you just want to say hi Thanks!!
  4. I can't speak for previous tours, having never done GA before now, but it's been great. Even up against the main stage rail, there's no crowding or pushing (although I'm a bit of a jumper, so it's possible that people try not to crowd me anyway). In the back near the B-Stage it's even better -- only 5-6 people deep at the rail! I was hesitant at first as well, but the stage design for this tour is really great. If you're close to the rail, you get the rail. If you're further back, you get the screen. Win-win!
  5. I'm There with you Richard, lets hope that some more tickets appear somewhere... don't lose hope So are people planning to head down and hang out regardless? After last night I wouldn't dare try to push my U2 karma any further, but this tour has been great for finding cool people to chill with. So I wouldn't mind a casual night on Sunset with other LA fans
  6. Technically, Meerkat streams are not saved by Meerkat. But it seems that there is an external tool that save them to YouTube... hope this is the correct one... Max you're amazing!!! THANK YOU so much!
  7. Does anyone know if it's possible to download the meerkat streams after they've happened? That was actually me doing the recording tonight (I'm still in shock and awe of getting up on stage!!!!) and would be nice to see how I did. The boys were awesome, hugs and kisses all around when I was done
  8. The doors open around 6:00-ish but it takes some time to get everyone inside. Also, the band didn't go on until about 8:45.
  9. They came around 3:15-3:30. Bono and Larry. Both were amazingly sweet -- Bono signed autographs for about 10 minutes and Larry shook hands! Like the others said, 2-4 is the magic hour.
  10. The rep should have emailed you with the official info, check the email address that you have linked to your Ticketmaster account. There's a section in the Forum parking lot where people start to line up around 4:00pm. Around 5:00 check-in starts and they split you up between RZ1 (North/Adam's side) and RZ2 (South/Edge's side). After check in, there is more waiting until they open the doors. You can ask any Forum employee to point you in the right direction. You can also arrive any time, I just really wanted to be close I got in line for RZ at about 4:15, then touched the rail two hours later. AMAZING spot on Adam's side.
  11. Hi Friends -- wondering if anyone is interested in a GA trade. I currently have a GA ticket for Wed 6/3, and I'm desperately trying to get a GA for Sat 5/30. Not sure about the logistics of all this but I plan to be at the Forum early on both days so I'm sure we could make it happen. Please PM to discuss!
  12. It was definitely a reference to the racial climate in America these days. He even followed it up by saying that we needed Dr. King even more than ever. It stands to be seen whether or not this will be repeated, but if it makes you uncomfortable, then do stay home. We all know by now that Bono isn't afraid of wearing his politics on his sleeve, and he's said more inflammatory things than this in previous shows.
  13. This is my thinking on the whole thing. Obviously, holding a phone in the air to the detriment of another fan's experience is not okay, but for those who are able to stream without disturbing others, I see this as a very altruistic gesture that brings us together as fans from all around the world. I've been able to catch Periscope snippets of most of the shows so far, and it's mind blowing to feel like you're in the crowd from hundreds of miles away.
  14. These are all so great! If God Will Send His Angels Gloria Stories for Boys Twilight Lemon A Sort of Homecoming
  15. Thanks for sharing Mark! I'm sooooo excited for RZ now. I've been going to shows since the Vertigo tour, and this is the first time that I've been able to get standing tix (RZ for LA1 then GA for the rest of the LA shows). I love U2 fans across the board but I'm looking forward to experiencing the energy of the floor. I hear it's quite different from the seats and I can't wait!
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