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  1. Hi, @rocketcity. From what I've seen and heard about the other shows, Red Zone does stretch along the tree to nearly its tip. Looking at the TM Superdome map, RZ touches the tip. The only other stadium whose layout looks like that is in Phoenix. We'll see when we get there. My guess is these schematics aren't drawn to scale or for accuracy.  Are your tickets in Red Zone?



  2. It's such a frustrating day not being able to participate in the New Orleans presale. I used my code for Houston not seeing U2's return to NOLA on the horizon, and now I'm stuck waiting til Friday hoping that they'll still be a chance for GA tickets. I love New Orleans, I love that U2 is coming back to my home state, and how crazy that I'm left stressed about getting tickets.

  3. 1 hour ago, artalvarez said:

    New Orleans ! Super excited. Nervous but feeling adventurous. Any tips and things to do before after the historic return to No ?

    traveling from Los Angeles :)


    artalvarez, you'll love New Orleans! If you're coming in on the Tuesday, September 12, hit the Maple Leaf Bar for the Rebirth Brass Band. http://www.mapleleafbar.com/  http://www.rebirthbrassband.com/ . Keep your eyes on the Gambit Weekly for entertainment news - it looks like they list events for one month at a time. https://www.bestofneworleans.com/  There are 93 days til show, so you have plenty of time to research and check out the scene before you head in. 


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