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  1. I have compatibility of 33 percent, with a fair amount of agreement with his 80's through 2000's choices. I've discovered a few songs on this that I didn't know before but find myself enjoying. Who knows, the compatibility score could rise in a year:)
  2. Psalm 72:11-12. May all the kings fall down before him, all nations give him service. For he delivers the needy when they call, the poor a hose who have no helper
  3. U2 and my faith journey-remembering a fateful night twenty-two years ago- I’ve been a fan for twenty-two and a half years. When I was getting ready to graduate high school, my father gave me tickets to see Popmart, and a fan was born. Soon after, I located a used copy of War and spent graduation gift money on their newest album, Pop. That summer, in between working as my aunt’s live-in babysitter, I did little else but ride my bicycle and listen to those albums on my Discman, crying out to a God I wasn’t sure I even believed in anymore. Of course, that summer soon morphed into my first semester of college. I began that year confused and ready to break away. Into what, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to be a small-town girl anymore, so I explored the local scene and all of the temptations that rebellion offered, diving into a relationship with a local rocker in his mid 20’s who was, let's just say, experienced. Though I wasn’t ready, and I tried to refuse, I became experienced as well. I also became lost and full of shame. It wasn’t what I wanted to be. Still, I didn't believe I could go back. I was an acrobat. I couldn’t return. I may have wrestled with God at night, but I knew I wasn't winning. Soon after that night of experience, I did break-up with the guy, but I still felt homeless and aimless. I tried to attend church but felt cold. I tried to pray, but I heard no answers. I tried to sing but only felt discord. Still, War and Pop seemed to offer some solace, and while listening to them during a long overnight paper writing session, something or someone seemed to breakthrough. I had just finished listening to “Wake Up Dead Man” and found myself praying it. When “Surrender” followed, I heard something or someone from the other side. My body felt strangely warm and I saw myself as Sadie. I recognized that I must. No, that I could surrender. Who seemed so far off now held out His hand, asking me if I would, and also promising me that I could, with His help, follow. What that following would look like, I wasn’t sure. I wanted to love God and man. I became a passionate death penalty activist and became obsessed with volunteering, on the first front. I also returned to the church. The night after that aforementioned late-night revelation, a floormate invited me to attend my dorm floor’s bible study. Through that link, I started attending a charismatic Christian college fellowship called X Alpha. The aspects of Christian faith I encountered in that group blew my mind, to say the least. I still remember standing near the stage during worship and being prayed over in tongues. I felt that heat again, much more intense, and a love for God that I couldn’t put into words. Imagine my surprise when I picked up a copy of the first U2 book I read, The Unforgettable Fire, and discovered that twenty years ago, several members of my favorite band had encountered a similar situation. I suppose that is a huge part of why I feel such a kinship with the band and especially with Bono. He, like me, seeks to love God and people like Christ does, but he also admits that he often feels more like he doesn't deserve the high calling of Christian. Additionally, he, like me, remains fascinated with Christian spirituality and its intersection with life and art. Reading interviews with U2 has introduced me to writers, singers, and artists which have helped me better understand my world and purpose, like CS Lewis, Bob Dylan, Saint Francis, and Dostoevsky. When I read that I’m not the only one who has dug into theology and philosophy to better understand myself and God, I feel a little less alone. In the Orthodox tradition, there is something called the holy fool, and I think this may be part of why I'm so fascinated. Christians who did things that were foolish and silly to emphasize the maxim that God chose the foolish to confuse the wise were referred to as holy fools. Although I don't think it is intentional, the band and Bono's sometimes ridiculous appearances are part of what endears me to them. It makes them feel approachable and relatable. As I relate to their music and thoughts, I can let down my guard and fears. I can let go. I can recognize my brokenness and wayward heart, rather than deny it. My skittishness in church sometimes makes this kind of honesty difficult. I know that I should be this open and willing to reveal, but as I shared before, I still struggle to trust others. By playing the fool, U2 invites my trust and willingness to listen. Perhaps I am a fool as well, but I am very grateful to have had U2 in my journey.
  4. My pick me up bands- Older but Goodies- Tears For Fears, REM, Peter Gabriel/ 90's and beyond- Sixpence None the Richer, Jars of Clay, Switchfoot, Anberlin, Thrice, Coldplay, Mumford and Sons
  5. I love the album, but then again, I am a fan of the sounds they are producing currently. To be honest, although I love several songs on JT, I've never been a fan of the production, so I am kind of glad they didn't make something too stripped down. Also, I love how big and full it sounds, and how uncool it is. It is hard to find bands with musical heft that extol the unabashedly positive messages that this album does, so I'm happy U2 is doing it.
  6. I've been around since then:) My JT memory is primarily me with a shoe microphone belting out "With or Without You" when I was 10 years old:) My sister and I saved our allowance and bought our mom JT for her birthday. Of course, I played it myself and sang along a bit after we gave it to her:). Although I didn't really become a real fan until I discovered Pop at the age of 18, I have quite a few memories of u2 as a youngster.
  7. Very well written and I can relate to this well. My father (who died when I was 29 and he was 54) was a u2 fan as well and I spent my last moments with him listening to U2 songs. It was how I said goodbye. He died in September of 2008. A few months after he died, I sent in a story about how I said goodbye to him into a u2 ticket contest and won a ticket to see them during night 1 of Boston. My best friend from childhood, who is also a u2 fan, lost her father just a few months before the concert, and she went to the concert with me. We saw them again together in Boston in 2015, and both of us cried during Iris.
  8. What is your asking price for the ticket? Was it originally a 280 dollar ticket or one of the cheaper lower level seats? If it is under 200 dollars, I'm interested.
  9. Switchfoot- Fading West, Arcade Fire-Neon Bible, Anberlin-Lowborn, Jars of Clay- Inland
  10. She. Vessels pound through her sapphire skin Stroking a nerve Her muscles strain Hoping. They run through her tangled tendrils Grabbing a strand Her eyes scan Searching. They trace the curve of her silvery waist Cupping a wave Her lips expand Swallowing.
  11. I am very sorry to hear your news. My family still lives in Oklahoma City and I have several friends that live in Moore. Thankfully, no one I am close to was hurt, but several came close. I send prayers to you and anyone else who lost a loved one in the tragedies.
  12. Bono and Edge committed their time and effort to Spiderman and I am glad that they have stuck to it. I like the song quite a bit, lyrically it expresses a sentiment that I connect to at this current time, and I wish Bono, Edge and the rest of the Spiderman crew the best of luck. They took a huge risk with this play and I am in their corner....
  13. Terrified. We are still waiting to see if my husband's contract will be renewed and I have started applying for English teaching positions. One mere glance at an application or a letter of reference request sends my pulse up toward 130 beats a minute.
  14. Terrified. We are still waiting to see if my husband's contract will be renewed and I have started applying for English teaching positions. One mere glance at an application or a letter of reference request sends my pulse up toward 130 beats a minute.
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