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  1. Same here. No luck for pre-sale, Citibank sale or general onsale.
  2. Both Red Zone and GA were available at MSG. The drop down option for MSG actually said "Floor Seating." Seats, as well as GA popped up under this option.
  3. I never received any email either. Long time Propaganda fan member. This is ridiculous.
  4. There is no link to verify my email. I have been checking it for days. I previously used a different email address and changed it so it would be the same as my Ticketmaster account.
  5. Ok, thanks Bigwave. But, why would my profile say that my email is not verified? Is that a problem, and how can I rectify that?
  6. I'm a long time Experience member (original Propaganda member). My set up is complete, but it says my email address is not verified. Is that why I'm not getting an email?? Very upset.
  7. I'll take the other one! Dizzy, would you be willing to sell each of us one?
  8. I am definitely interested, but I would like to see the Ticketmaster receipt. Sorry for being skeptical, but you aren't a paid member of U2.com and have only posted twice. My friend was badly scammed last tour. Thanks, Mindy
  9. I know it's unlimely, but hoping someone has 2 Red Zone tix for NY night 2.
  10. If anyone has 1 or 2 extra GA's for Santa Clara, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Mindy
  11. Hoping a ticket angel comes my way. Thanks!
  12. I have a GA for sale for tomorrow. Face plus TM fees. PM me.
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