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  1. Gift arrived today and it is a great package apart from the face mask which is the right size for my 6 year old daughter. Now if you could let me have the downloads so i can listen to it please?
  2. If it is shipped then why do we not have all the downloads now? Come on - its not too much to ask is it?
  3. Its pathetic really. I paid for this in January and we are being drip fed downloads. Its the worst thing about being a member and it never appears to get fed back. Can those who have paid for this subscription have all the downloads now please? As for the physical format.....................who knows when this will show up
  4. August now and still nothing other than a few downloads. what is going on? Its the same every single year.
  5. "Dispatch of the physical gift set - including the double CD set, photo book of the show, specially designed cloth face covering and five commemorative cards - begins in July." Mid July and still nothing?
  6. jfreel


    A fine debut album
  7. Has it shipped yet? Has the remaining downloads been released yet?
  8. I remember playing this repeatedly on an old VHS cassette that i used to record the broadcast. Tremendous stuff
  9. No matter what the future gifts may be, it would just be nice to get them quicker than 6 months after the announcement.
  10. The Promise Dec 2020 - "First downloads, track listing details and news on delivery coming in early 2021" The Reality May 2021 - Track listing - Yes Downloads - None Delivery - Not even close I think we are past early 2021 and its the same every year. I really don't understand why in the digital/streaming age, if you are eligible for the fan club gift its not accessible straight away on your account?
  11. Such a shame that Sirius is unavailable in Europe - some really great stations on there.
  12. I cant help but agree with so many others on my disappointment with this release. I would be paying almost £100 for a book and the 4 remixes i don't already have and that is just too much. As for the live show - couldn't we have had one of the significant post 9/11 New York historic shows or the London shows when the crowd helped carry the band and Bono in particular at the difficult time with the passing of Bob Hewson? Such a massive opportunity missed and the first re-issue that i will not be purchasing.
  13. How about for those who have already renewed their subscription (in my case some 5 months ago) that we get all the tracks digitally now? Can it really be that hard to organise? Having to wait months and months for the physical CD is something that never ever gets addressed and needs fixing.
  14. Of course this vinyl will be out on time - not like the fan club gift that i ordered 11 months ago and am still waiting on delivery of.
  15. 10 months since re-subscribing and still waiting on my gift - the worst service i have ever experienced in my life.
  16. Why is this an issue - surely someone at u2 can push the buttons to get this out to the fans quicker?
  17. One. When i was younger and one of the first big family deaths occurred.I was confused and in shock not knowing what to feel. Achtung Baby had just been released and i was struggling with it until i heard One. That song was so powerful and the lyrics meant so much that it gave me hope. We do indeed "get to carry each other"
  18. So its now 44 week since i re-subscribed last year and still waiting on my JT gift - totally unacceptable!!!
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