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  1. Hi, I'm trying to sell my seated ticket to another Dane. The thing is that it's a ticket that has to be collected from the local box office on the day (the 12th). Is it possible to sell such a ticket, and how do I do it? Thx in advance.
  2. Will there be an extra show in Berlin?
  3. I'm also VERY interested to know, if it's possible to split the presale-tickets.
  4. I regular visit different U2 sites/ Facebook, so I quickly found out about the presale - and luckily for that. But I must say, there was a very, very short notice regarding this presale. The tour was - as far as I know - announced Wednesday and the presale started Thursday. Not very long if you are just 24 hours away from the internet (some people may even have a life). Anyways, I certainly appreciate the opportunity to buy tickets earlier than others but I would also appreciate, if regular/old subscribers were notified just 2-3 days in advance.
  5. Depends on the show and the demand. Managed to get quite a few GA's in Europe last time - but that was stadiums of course.
  6. Hi, Im trying to go for the UK general sale Monday (#2) - does anyone what's the difference between Level 1A, B and C? Thanks
  7. Haven't got the e-mail either, but I printed a receipt, took a screen shot AND it's my AXS-account! London baby
  8. Hi, when it says 10 am local time - it means 10 am UK time right (it's 9:41 in Denmark), so just to make sure
  9. Ok, I guess the answer is here: http://community.u2.com/topic/18469. I have two used codes, so I guess I can't do that ...
  10. Ok, this might be a stupid question ... but my membership is set to expire feb. 2011 - I guess that means that I can't upgrade my account and then receive a new password for the Aussie-sales?
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