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  1. I cant!! you included 11 O' Clock Tick Tock!!! Nothing else matters!!! ❤️
  2. but then Ticketmaster don't make money on the resale !!! You think they give a crap about what's fair?
  3. The resellers hold inventory back to make it look scarce!!!! Don't be fooled by seeing the low volume of tickets right now on reseller sites. There's way more they have trust me!!! when they sell some they trickle release more to keep the numbers more or less around the same.
  4. It was the same floor setup 2 years ago and was not this impossible for nearly everyone to get GA's. no way in hell all GA's went in the presales!!
  5. Almost nobody I know has gotten GA's for any city except Uniondale and that's because scalpers probably don't give 2 craps about that one!!! This is a farce of epic proportions. your long term fans who try and attend more than one show have been screwed by Ticketmaster and Live nation. U2 are complicit in allowing it believing that TM running a 'verified fan' safety check would be anything but a joke which is what it has become!!! Literally every long term fan I know of has been shut out. This is literally the worst sale ever. Please check how many tickets end up on resale sites.,INCLUDING
  6. I meant as in you don't get the culprits/criminals to police themselves!!!! Jesus. do we have to be so anally PC all the time???? I hardly think this is insensitive and most people see what I meant instead of you insinuating I meant it's on the same level of gravity!!!
  7. Do you understand Ticketmaster will STILL sell the tickets, just not to the fans but the agencies who they have deals with. 'Verified fan' being run by Ticketmaster is like asking Hitler to run the Nuremberg trials.!!!! the music industry is corrupt to the core!!!!
  8. AXS.com lost me my Vegas ticket by NOT signing me in when i tried . It did the same to 3 other friends of mine who managed to get 1 or 2 tickets and also someone trying for Atlanta on AXS. Can someone from U2.com investigate please. GA tickets then disappeared so we lost our tickets!!!!
  9. If you have the envelopes still, go look yourself but to save you time. Yes they did used to have membership numbers on them,
  10. I think this is utter crap that those of us who renewed do NOT get a new presale code. Do they know the definition of fan???? I guarantee you most of the U2.com US members codes would have already been used even by people from these new cities because , guess what?? They are FANS!!! They do what they have to do with no other option when they can. To offer presales to NEW memberships and not renewals of existing members who renewed after the last sales at least is just a money grab !!! Can enough people contact anyone with clout to get his ridiculous rule changed quickly???? I know there
  11. I need to get 1 GA ticket for Washington Fedex Field for a good friend of mine. Queueing or not queueing doesn't matter to him so let me know please if anyone has a spare. Thx.
  12. Hi I need a Dublin GA ticket for July 22nd if anyone has a spare it would be much appreciated. Thanks
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