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  1. My wife is full term by Monday. I have asked Ticketmaster and the Air Canada Cetnre many times over the past two months and have been told everytime no refund, no transfer. I had to give someone my credit card for my tickets to be used. From Ottawa that wasn't realistic, I tried family/friends as much as I could. So now I lose. I have been a loyal fan, fan club member since before my first U2 show in 1997, and to have to waste the tickets and to lose out of the money paid is a total crime. This is the worst fan experience of my life. I would sell those tickets at face value (not the
  2. I just read this whole thread. My wife is going full term in 2 weeks, the Toronto show I have tickets for is in 1 week, but the concert is 5 hours away. I don't feel comfortable going, and I have been stone walled by Ticketmaster and the Air Canada Centre (venue) in trying to refund or transfer my tickets. I have made every tour in some cases multiple shows since Pop Mart, fan club since then too, and this is how I get treated. My options are go to the show risking missing the birth of my child, or waste my tickets. There should be a better option.
  3. I am having a very similar problem. My wife is due in a few weeks but is likely to go early. My drive to Toronto is 5 hours. I'm stuck with credit card tickets and Ticketmaster has refused to give me a refund. If anyone knows how to help I have two GA credit card entry tickets for next Monday's U2 show and currently my only options are: 1) go to the show and risk being away when my wife goes into labour, 2) waste the tickets. There's no doubt my tickets would resell, so I can't understand why this policy keeps me locked in like this, of course I'd want to go!
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