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  1. ingelke wrote: heb gestemd voor Jonas! Volgens mij heeft Mathilde ook een of andere support actie lopen want die gaat ook als een speer! Succes! idd, die ging verdacht snel in één dag tijd..volgens mij klopt het niet maar afin hartelijk dank om te stemmen, nu nog een weekje in spanning! Thanks everyone!!!
  2. Come on people please keep on voting, just found out it's probably the last 3 hours we can vote... every vote counts we're only 40 ahead now!!! WE NEED IT thank you to all who voted
  3. Oh damn, we lost nearly 40 votes today... We were ahead with 130 now only with 90... Come one people push us a bit up. Tomorrow is the last day!!
  4. I don't really like the new single, but I digged Dave Gahan's solo albums...absolutely amazing!
  5. We're going to Bellewaerde Park if we win. (pretpark in West-Vlaanderen) Thank you everyone who voted! I see many people are reading this, if everyone who reads this would vote, that would be fantastic!!! Thanks
  6. thank you all, you're so nice! U2 fans are the best. After the voting there's a convention for fish and meat sellers they can vote too...but I doubt many will vote on a convention... So we need to be ahead as much as we can! Thank you!!
  7. viv26 wrote: Ook gestemd. Voor de ganse klas :-) He's doing well, 600 votes already. Won't they get suspicious? I don't think so, we've done it all in a fair way. We handed out little flyers to friends, family, hobby clubs....anything that had a voice I never thought it would be this hard. First you ask fellow teachers and kids at school, but it went up so fast we were freaking out and thinking of what we could do. It's quite funny what these kids are doing to win, some of them rang all the doors in their street and asked to vote. Of course a lot of old ladies opened as
  8. thank you so much! yes it's gone up... I know U2 fans are good people.. Who knows we might go up a lot with you guys, that would be awesome. I already know what cd I'll be playing during crafts class And they will love it!
  9. Hi all, I'm a huge U2 fan and also a teacher. I'm asking your help. The kids (9yr olds) from my class are selected to win a trip to an amusement park. 10 competitors are in for it, they need votes for a drawing they made about a fish shop. I know there are millions of U2 fans and your vote could help us a lot! The kids have been ginving the best of themselvers for 2 weeks practically annoying every single person they see... I'm their teacher I've been doing the same, being stressed for 2 weeks isn't much fun, but I love them so much and they deserve to win. Voting is over THANK YO
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