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  1. Didn’t wait in any line, got here at 6, and we had a pick of where we wanted to sit on the floor minus rail spots. Heard the ‘E’ stage songs might vary tonight, #U2eitour
  2. Sorry for those who are struggling. I think we've all been there before. The JT tour was tough for us, because we had such a big group. It all worked out though.
  3. Our presale was smooth. Sorry for those who are having struggles. I've been there before.
  4. That was extremely easy. Especially the link ahead of time. Was able to secure 2 for St. Louis; my friend as well. Great job to everyone involved.
  5. Plenty of space to go where you want. We were on the rail in between the tree and main stage. We were #230 in Dallas and had people right behind us that showed up at 6 and never waited in any line.
  6. Yeah, we had a guy pretend to be with the group in front of us. They thought he was with us and we thought he was with them. He ended up getting a wristband. I had number 231 on my hand, and number 233 on my wristband. Not much of a difference but I can see how several in front of us should be pissed. Again I went at lunch yesterday and could've had number 26, but they line runner at the time said the whole group had to be there, which wasn't the case later the afternoon. Colossal cluster F. It's all good now time to enjoy the show.
  7. Yeah, we had a guy in pretend to be in the group in front of us and get a wristband.
  8. GA line is long already. We are #231. The fan club line has been a joke from the get go. The line runners told us that the whole party has to be there at 5 AM., So we did, as did most everyone else. There are literally people driving up & getting in their spot at 6 AM now.
  9. GA line is huge. We are #231. Oh, and they're letting people get in their spot even if they weren't here at five. What a crock.
  10. It's been an absolute joke all day. I can't count how many times the rules changed. I went at lunch and could've been number 26, missed the 7 PM check in because of work, got there at 8, and now number 231 and I have to get my whole party there at 5 AM. I am thankful that my group is a bunch of troopers, as they say they will be there. Fingers crossed, 231 won't be terrible.
  11. UPDATING NOW! I am sorry folks but security is talking with us as I type this... They have once again changed procedure: 5am fan line up 6am EVERYONE IN YOUR PARTY must be here! They will scan and process everyone at that time and give out wristbands. You can leave after that but recommend back by 3pm. 3pm - whoever is in line will be taken down to holding ramp. You will have to stay there until show. As for getting numbers at GA line you can still sign up for your party. Only change is that now, everyone in your party MUST be here at 5am for wristbands. He said he will post all of this on the ATT Stadium FB page. I will try to post it here as soon as I see it. Please don't shoot the messenger... ?
  12. Sorry, just read the above posts too
  13. Fan club line had started........really. Whole group has to be there. Check in at 7pm tonight, 5 am tomorrow. AT&T Stadium officially takes over at 6 am.
  14. Great info on the Facebook page, thanks a bunch.
  15. We plan on getting there 6:00-6:15 or so. We have 10 in our group!
  16. That's why I bought 2 parking passes on Ticketmaster yesterday:)
  17. U2: The Joshua Tree Tour Friday, May 26, 2017 AT&T Stadium We are excited to have you at AT&T Stadium for U2: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 on Friday, May 26th. In preparation of the event, we recommend pre-purchasing your parking pass. By pre-purchasing your parking, you guarantee a space in an AT&T Stadium parking lot and can plan your route to the stadium accordingly. To purchase your parking pass, click here. Important Traffic Information ARRIVE EARLY to avoid traffic and congestion in the Arlington area. The I-30 TEXpress Lane is open and available for use. Look for the left lane exit for the "Express Lane" as you pass the Highway 360 exit on I-30 westbound from Dallas and East. The I-30 managed lane from Dallas is open and available for westbound and eastbound traffic. Tolls apply; look for access from the main lanes. Due to the I-30/Highway 360 interchange construction project, you will begin to notice changes. Below are two current impacts of this project affecting outbound traffic. TxDOT has modified the access to the TEXpress ramp serving the AT&T Way/Baird Farm bridge. For outbound traffic, this modification will slow outbound traffic traveling or using the AT&T Way bridge or the Collins Avenue ramp to eastbound I-30. Lamar Avenue will be reduced to one lane eastbound to Highway 360 and may be congested. We suggest using Brown Blvd. or Green Oaks Blvd. as an alternative. Abram Street is under construction between Collins Street and Highway 360. This will affect out-bound traffic on Collins Street South to Abram Street from Lots 11, 12, 13 and 14. As an alternative, we suggest using Collins Street South to Park Row; Turn left on Park Row to Highway 360 or further east to George Bush Toll Highway (Highway 161). Below are two suggested routes to use for arrival. These alternative routes will allow you to avoid the heavily congested Collins Street, Ballpark Way and AT&T Way exits off of I-30. I-30 Westbound Preferred Route: Take I-30 Westbound to SH 161; Take SH 161 Southbound to Main Street/Division Street exit; Turn Right on Main Street/Division Street; Turn Right on AT&T Way to Silver Lots or Turn Right on Collins Street to Blue Lots. I-30 Eastbound Preferred Route: Take I-30 Eastbound to Center Street (Exit 27B); Keep Right on ramp towards Center Street; Turn Right on Center Street; Turn Left on Randol Mill Road to Blue Lots or Turn Left on Division Street and Left on AT&T Way to Silver Lots. We recommend that you use www.dallascowboysmaps.com for your travels to AT&T Stadium. This will provide you the best route from your point of origin to your pre-purchased or selected cash parking lot. We look forward to seeing you at AT&T Stadium! Remember: No Purses. No Bags. View AT&T Stadium Purse and Bag Policy here. You are receiving this message because this email is associated with a ticket purchase. Click here if you do not wish to receive these messages from AT&T Stadium in the future.
  18. Parking is $45 on Ticketmaster. There are a couple places that did meet ups in 2009. One is called Sherlocks, location in the Lincoln Square shopping area just north of the stadium. The other was J.Gilligans, located in downtown. Gilligans offers a shuttle too. I'm not sure if there is anything official yet. We plan on getting our spot early too. Probably will spend the $ on parking at the stadium. Will probably leave to rest/eat and check in at the 2-4:30 slot they are saying. I'm fortunate to live 10 minutes away.
  19. My email was to Guest Services. The address is guestcomments@dallascowboys.net The phone number is 817-892-4162 I emailed twice and received fairly prompt responses.
  20. Judging by the email, it sounds like they are allowing folks to leave and re-convene between 2-4:30.
  21. These pics are from the IE tour in Boston. These were our numbers in line (My boy and I). The second pic isn't good but you can see two wristbands. One was the official 'get on the floor' wristband from U2. The other was our number in line wristband that the TD Garden issued. It was all very efficient. Reading the Vancouver threads, the GA lines are already forming. They are having mulitple check ins, allowing people to come and go many times. Very cool.
  22. Each venue will be different on how they approach the GA lines. Some extremely different. This was an official email from the Guest Services department at the stadium.
  23. Great question. I think it depends on who's running the line. Most likely it is no, the whole group needs to be there.
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