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  1. YYYYYEEEEEEEHHHHHHAAAA!!!! Go on boys, i can't hold myself with excitement and i still have a month and a half. This is what its all about. To take mymind off that U2 are playing i'm going to the flicks, not that it'll work. Good luck tonight lads all the best! Be think of you's
  2. It was fun, but bloody freezing!!! lol. It was just the anticipation of knowing i was getting a ticket. 4 hours isn't that bad a wait for a gig i'vewaited 4 years for since my last. Plus it'll be bloody worth the wait!
  3. I qued this morning for tickets, wasn't taking the risk with the shambles that is ticketmaster. To my surprise at arriving at 5 in the morning, onlyabout 50 people where in front of me (some people there from 10 o'clock yesterday morning). I got what i went for without a worry, my standing tickets. Anyway what i really want to know is who's all going to Hampden? I AM!!! WWWOOOOHHHOOOOO!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!
  4. 1. I wrote everything on the album 2. Mr Boom played all the instruments at once
  5. ONE01 wrote: Hopefully Celtic will get knocked out anyway. Do they both have to qualify then? I'm planning to go to Hampden with a few friends - I think the stadiums are all far apart though but city centre will be mental! Parkhead is quite close to Hampden, much closer than Ibrox!
  6. It is really up in the air for that one. It could depend on who wins the league, who they are drawen against (may not be a big named team because its the firstround so Parkhead and Ibrox might not sell out) or if they are even drawen away for that leg. Another thing is that Strathclyde police have already looked intoit and it may strain the force with the size of the gig and the matches. Just a thought! I'm a season ticket holder at Parkhead and either way, ticket permitting, its the U2 gig for me!
  7. Great tune!! I did take a bit of time to get into it but its a definite grower. I love the move from the 1st chorus into the second verse. It just ticks theboxes for me. On first listen The Edge's solo stood out a mile, also the infuence of Eno. Very Talking Heads!!
  8. Pop is a very under used album on tours, love to see a few used from that album. *Last Night On Earth is a great song live *Wouldn't mind a small rave to MOFO. lol. *Red Hill Mining Town is a great shout. *Acrobat always gets a mention but would be great to witness *Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me *Exit/Gloria *Zooropa *Wire *Another Time, Another Place *Seconds *Like A Song
  9. I'm not a paid up subscriber and don't like taking the risk off missing out through web sites and phone, so the only option i really have is to que upfor them. I really don't mind because it feels like part of the whole journey, and the start of the countdown till the gig. You also get to meet peoplesharing your passion!! I qued for tickets for the last tour and will do again. Was worth the 7 hours i waited! Anyone else find the enjoyment in it? Is anyone else planning on queing?
  10. Was in a national newspaper in Scotland that dates are set in stone for them to be playing Hampden Park in August. It had the leading title about "The Boss" returning to Scotland for the first time in a long while, which was later confirmed the following few days. Looks like someone in Hampden is filling everyone in. So fingers crossed!!
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