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  1. I love this so much! What a spectacular show! My only negative critique is Eagles of Death Metal closing the show. I'm sorry for what they went through, but I think their music is terrible. It was very kind of U2 to share the stage with them however, maybe it could've been included as an "extra" and been left out of the DVD proper. Neat trinkets inside the box, love the USB light bulb, too. Clever idea!
  2. I'm still waiting for the email myself. I renewed in February. That seems like ages ago already! I'm going to be moving in the near future and I really hope they arrive before I leave!
  3. I've tried looking but I don't see any info on when the new sub gift is supposed to ship. Does anyone know? I've tried contacting customer service for help but when I submit the form, it says "error". I've learned I may be moving so knowing when it will ship has become a bit of a priority. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience Jitterbug! I have GA for Thursday and was curious. Never had GA for MSG before this.
  5. Congrats to everyone who won! It was really a great idea to put everyone's story in an e-book to enjoy. I love it. Please keep fun stuff like this coming!
  6. Thanks! Yes I did find my order number there but when I tried to look at the order details I got another error message. I did finally today (6 days later) get an email from someone at ticketmaster who sent me a confirmation. So I now have my printed tickets. Next task the ticket insurance company who charged me twice and one time was more than double what it should have been... OMG, it's a real nightmare. That email took WAY too long to come to you. Glad you can see them though. I'm still feeling stressed about it. Good luck getting the duplicate insurance charge removed.
  7. That happened to me. You can see it online--Log into your Ticketmaster account. Then go to View All Orders, and you have use the Search For Phone and Online Orders function. You should see it in there. I ended up getting an email SEVERAL hours later! But what a fiasco! I was on the phone with them for such a long time. This was the worst experience I ever had ordering tickets!! I hope this helps.
  8. Been trying for over an hour. Keep getting errors. Can't get past either the captcha thing and if I do it Wont let me buy them. Trying for GA. I'm in tears by how frustrating this is.
  9. I'm going to guess injuries will delay any tour announcements. I'm sure he'll have a lot of healing and physical therapy, etc to get through.
  10. "The most beautiful sound I'd ever heard".........Discovering U2's music as a teenager in 1992 had made quite the impression on me to say the least. So, in 1997 when I saw them for the first time, it was a life changing experience in a whole other way. It was the PopMart Tour at Giants Stadium. The tickets were a gift from by boyfriend (now husband) for my birthday. I felt very lucky indeed, despite having the worst seats! I could barely see the band but it did not change the fact that being able to hear them perform live the music that meant so much to me- to be in the presence of these f
  11. I listened to the track the other day and it really didn't sound like a U2 song at all....yes, the recording was bad but from what I could hear, I never would have guessed it was them.
  12. I know. I feel the same. I'm trying to not pay attention to any of it anymore....all this teasing has become irritating.
  13. I don't really care how long it takes for U2 to release an album. What bothers me is that they keep telling us it's coming out in a particular month of a particular year and then they renege on that and change it --they do it over and over. That's what makes it annoying and frustrating. Just don't tell us anything until you are really and truely finished. Someone brought up a good point---the record company has to have a deadline. I know U2 are so massive that they can do whatever they want, but it seems like they will never finish unless they are held to a deadline.
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