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  1. Seriously. Is there a ga line or not. Comeing from Norway tomorrow and would really like to know....
  2. Anyone please e-mail me mod edit, no emails please use PM's
  3. Looking for two pitch 2 tickets. Coming to Dublin from Norway on Friday 21st. Can meet you there! Thanks!
  4. Pitch 1, but hopeing to get Pitch 2 tix....
  5. Why is the pre-sale code gone when it has NOT been used yet?????????????
  6. I guess we all will get new presale codes for 2016. During 360 we got one cide for 2009 and one for 2010.
  7. Thanks to everyone who have sent me lovely cards! Sent mine the 23rd, better late than never...;-)
  8. Can some one send me the list! inger-jeanette@hotmail.com
  9. Isn't Ticketmaster the seller of the Stockholm show??
  10. If they go on touring into 2016, will we get new presale codes??? Remember we did that back in 2009/10 during 360 tour.
  11. Recieved yours today! Still waiting for my list from Zhivvy.... Forgot to send her my e-mail address...
  12. Haven't recieved the list yet...
  13. My pm is "not yet read" too...
  14. Ireally think its about time that u2 start to communicat with their fans. Blog, twitter, facebook, you name it! Been a fan for 23 years now, and i really want some new music. People wont wait forever. The hardcord fans will wait, but whatbabout those who discovered u2 by their last album??? They probably forgot all about u2 a looooong time ago.....
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