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  1. For future reference, I received the tickets the other day.... so the purchase went through.
  2. I searched, but couldn't find other posts regarding this issue. I used my Citi presale code today to access tickets but then forgot to use my citibank card to checkout. I used the other card that was already on file in my account instead by accident. I received a purchase confirmation for the tickets, but I don't know if they'll end up cancelling the sale now. I tried calling the venue about it (managed by comcast, not TM) but all that the call center did was confirm the ticket purchase as of now. Does anyone have experience with Citi presale ticket purchases getting cancelled (or n
  3. Various people have posted about hard tickets being available for GA at several venues under the "credit card entry" thread. So it looks like they will be more transferable than in recent past.
  4. All you're doing is changing your story with each statement. Ticketmaster resale or stubhub has nothing to do with how one gets tickets to begin with. Give the verified fan process a chance to do what it says it does instead of claiming to other fans that it won't work without evidence.
  5. You have no idea if this new system will work better or not. Plus, you really should read what you're posting to support your speculation before you post it... Where is this scalper's "deal" with ticketmaster to get tickets? There isn't a "deal" with TM to get tickets!.. Instead, the article alleges that he bought tickets with bots... something the Verified Fan process is supposed to be better at preventing: Tickets were charged to 15 different names and aliases used by Lavallee and his organization who appear making the purchases from 12 different locations in three countries
  6. Oh, sorry, i didn't realize you had inside access to how this new process works (or doesn't). Source for your statements, or just skeptical speculation? If scalpers have that kind of "deal" with TM, then there would also be ways for them to sell tickets without cc access requirements. The loser in that scenario is the standard fan as well...the one who can't give their tickets to a friend if they can't make it.
  7. Not necessarily... If the Verified Fan process works from here through to the Verified Fan onsale as they are anticipating, then scalper TM accounts will have a harder time getting an access code to purchase before the "Verified Fans" get their chance at getting tickets. Even the general on sale is by access code only, right? Either way, there are always promotional and venue VIP / season ticket holder tickets that are released for every show that scalpers have ways of getting access to. CC entry wouldn't prevent that. I love that hard tickets are an option in Philadelphia, so i ca
  8. Did you get an additional presale code for re-subscribing? Also, I never used my I-E tour presale code. Was there ever any official news as to whether they'd be available for use this tour, or are they gone?
  9. This is a good point. It looks like the answer to this question on the U2 help page now actually reads: Q - If I don't use my presale ticketing access code in presales for shows announced on December 3rd, will the code still be valid for use if/when other 2015 dates are announced - such as the Dublin shows, details of which are still to be revealed ? A - Yes. Your un-used presale ticketing access code will be valid to use in further shows announced for 2015. (underline added) So, does this potentially mean the current code it would not extend over to a 2016 leg? Also, this Q/A m
  10. Does anyone have a confirmed answer to this question? I'm in the same boat with others that travel to shows this leg is questionable, and the fact that they are making it harder to sell / transfer GA tickets if needed also makes things more difficult. The referenced Q&A does not really answer whether the code would still work in 2016 / future unannounced legs. (Although I do remember having two unused presale codes available after re-subscribing during the 360 tour)
  11. I had thought this as well. Can someone confirm that Redzone tickets are not able to be transferred to someone else if you have to miss the show? And if so, how could someone sell them on ebay then?
  12. Anyone remember how the first US leg of the Vertigo tour shaped up as far as any additional shows that were announced with presales? I thought all of the extra shows in that first leg were added the same day of the public sale, and that it was only the second leg that had the next round of presale opportunities.
  13. Yeah, definitely a larger differential between the cost of GA and the best seats this time around. Vertigo was something like $40 GA and $160 or $180 for the best seats. I could see that they may be holding back a bunch of shows to see how the public handles these much higher prices first.
  14. Definitely perseverance, although I'd say be prepared for it not to pay off as well. However, I did see instances of GA's showing back up hours after the initial public onsale back on the Vertigo tour.
  15. I agree, it does seem like various people telling others to "cool off" were actually able to get the tickets (or similar ones), to those that they wanted... I think there are two issues here; the complaints about not enough of the desired tickets being available, and more importantly, the complaints about ticket master FAILING to work for the Experience members when tickets were still available for the first presale. When you can actualy pull up MSG GA tickets multiple times (so you know they're available) and then are unable to buy them because TM servers can't keep up and time you ou
  16. 1. MSG 7/18 2. Had GA tickets pulled up multiple times yesterday during Experience presale. But like many others, TM servers weren't able to respond fast enough before tickets timed out. Never was able to complete the sale before they eventually were "sold out" yesterday.
  17. Can anyone confirm then, whether or not they were able to check out on TM with the option to have actual GA tickets shipped to them? (I guess for any shows other than the NY shows) Or did everyone who got GA's today get a notice of all the credit card / ID requirements that they'd need to go through when they checked out?
  18. Is this alleged credit card entry requirement discussed anywhere credible on u2.com or ticketmaster? All I have seen are random posts and descriptions of how it works, but nothing concrete to confirm that it will actually be implemented for these shows (particularly for GA). If the original purchaser has to be present with the credit card and you can't give your tickets away, then how come there are already so many tickets placed up on stubhub for sale?! Hoping someone can shed some light on this. Hopefully they are actually able to send out "hard" tickets. Thanks.
  19. I found out about this interview through today's ONE campaign email. Its a great interview with Bono regarding his faith and how it ties in with the ONE campaign goals. Not sure if I've seen him talk quite this frankly on some of these issues before.... http://tinyurl.com/focusbono
  20. Count me in as getting the notification that their presale code has been "used". I didn't use my presale code from the first leg of the tour at all though.
  21. What would be very much appreciated by the out of town fans that have been forced to scramble and find new tickets just to attend a show is the QUICK releaseof any 9/24 tickets from promoters, the band, etc. That way we can buy them and still return the rescheduled tickets to TM for refund if we can't findother fans to buy them in time. Better yet, set up a last minute u2.com presale for tickets that have been held back thus far and can be released. What are the chances of the band having any ability to make something like this happen? BTW, I have two tickets in Section 105 Row
  22. I have two tickets in Section 105 Row 39 at Giants stadium for the rescheduled show on 9/23. Can't make that date and am interested in trading forcomparable seats on 9/24. Please PM if interested!
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