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    U2, soccer, live music, good food, wine, tennis, hiking, and more...
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    Electrical Storm
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    2001 Elevation Tour in Staples Center, I was 16 years young!
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    I&E at The Forum
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    360 Tour show at the Rose Bowl!!
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  1. I also downloaded the app and focused on the album and what a nice surprise! I think one of the best U2 show production teasers, and I've been trying to stay away from written teasers online right now until next week when I see it with fresh eyes!
  2. I'm sure all those who bought tickets will receive an email from the venue. All arenas or ticketmaster has been providing this info very well. They have a direct line, too. Try that or wait.
  3. If I was coming all the way from UK, I would recommend getting out of San Jose and explore around SF area, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Napa, Sonoma in your free time. Time much better spent! I'm not saying SJ doesn't have much but limited exciting things to do. Depends what you're into and want to do. Be sure to give yourself time to travel/commute around. Bay area traffic is horrible during peek hours.
  4. I'm staying at MGM if anyone is interested in splitting the room I got. Cheers!
  5. Have you checked their website? They should say or give them a call.
  6. I noticed that. I had seat in my cart and there was still time left but it timed out! Lucky I was able to go back in and pull the same seat and quickly bought it.
  7. I'm still trying to figure out flash tix, where can we find our tickets online?
  8. I was able to get one GA during the Experience sale. It was a smooth process.
  9. Thanks but after reading the reviews, they seem to have a bed bug problem. I don't want to mess with that. If anyone stays there, make sure you check the sheets and take your own sheets.
  10. I believe GA tickets are about $90. GA is the first to go most of the times. It's hard to say if doing the presale or not would increase your chances - I'd like to believe so. I agree about this tour - there is a lot of space around the stage/catwalk that increases the front row view chances without camping all day!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm Richard, a 31 year old working professional in the video game industry! Does anyone know the best way to commute from Emeryville to San Jose on a Monday afternoon? What are the best options? I wonder if Capitol Corridor will have service for the show just like the Santa Clara show this year! Would anyone be interested to carpool, listen to U2 songs and share stories? PM me!
  12. I'm planning to attend the U2 concert in Vegas next May! I'm flying from Oakland and landing in Sin City Friday morning (May 11th). I hope they add a 2nd Saturday night show on Saturday! I was thinking of staying at nearby hotels like MGM, Monte Carlo or NY NY. Anyone interested in sharing a room? If interested, please send me a PM. Men, Women, pair of friends, couples are welcomed. All I ask is that you're respectful, follow through, and easy going. I'm a 31 year old male working in the video game industry in the Bay Area. Let's share U2-concert stories! I don't expect to hang out all weekend but I've been to Vegas many times and can help you tour the strip! Thanks!
  13. I'd love to wear one out and about. Would anyone know what kind of hat it is? or if you know where online I can get one similar to it? Thanks you!!
  14. I'm still looking if anyone has an extra GA ticket or know of somebody who does. I'm available to walk in with seller. Thank you!
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