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  1. Would you mind then, if I cut in front of you to get my copy before you touch it ?! Kidding...I hear you. "Very cool will the presentation be...." Yoda, as quoted by EMI.
  2. Arrived today. Will enjoy Live in Berlin , this weekend. The Guinness will be flowin' from the north side, with can above my head, to the south side, satisfying my parched esophagus and then gettin' into my belly !
  3. Watching U2 at Croke 2017 JT tour abd was pulled back to sharing that show with my son. Special night. Red Hill comes on. A desert brass background. So powerful. And Adam. Sitting there at the foot of Larry. Sitting on a platform. Sitting. Sitting and staring. Approving. Sitting there holding his bass. Very cool. More sitting. Just sitting there doing nothing. So my wish is that Adam go get a real job. Relax mods. He would fin this funny. Cheers Adam.
  4. I couldn’t see any obviously critical intent with those who felt all is fine relative to those who wished for something different including format. Expressing differing opinions is a mad dash to cynical argument.
  5. Two with fees. With small perks. Not quite as generous as ours Frankly, I would have paid without a gift but access to red zone presale Im content and am grateful for the gift, and that’s my point No more or less valid or valuable than any others
  6. My wife belongs to several fan pages of artists she values but she is constantly blown away at what we get annually. Personally, apposed to an annual gift , which i do value and appreciate, Id rather and LOVE if all subs names were entered into a draw for 2 to 10 of us being flown to a show , during touring years , with a brief , cordial apposed to sloppy (lol) meet and greet with red zone access.
  7. ....what he said.... listen to Rush sometime and allow yourself to mostly hear his drumming. If you know drumming a bit, you will not be infrequently simply blown away...and, find yourself, religiously saying, ' wow, nuts...(smile widely ), un f cking real "
  8. I hear you As an east coast Canadian, desert motifs were largely accessed thru pics. But as life would direct, i found my way to the Mohave several dozen times , hiked, ran and biked in some unbelievable spots. I love the desert and hope when it’s my turn , a third of my ashes get left there to find a home. Native spirits willing.
  9. Thank you calories for the satisfaction of absorbing you into me. Thank you calories , for comfortably leaving for a new home in 2020.
  10. Happy New Year Japan..... .............and, um, of course most everywhere else.
  11. wondering what announcement is at your show ?????? new disk and tour ?
  12. This dude keeps staring at me...but i must admit , I like his style. Wonder if he can sing.
  13. Hey Fragrant, Are you going ? Do you think you could possibly duplicate or surpass your experience from your last time seeing U2 in Japan ?
  14. Raz, Do you think they will stick around your general hemisphere to do, or follow up with the EI tour as well ? I really loved the JT tour presentation, but the EI was a spectacular arena event imo.
  15. Doubtful I will go, but I thought on the chance it comes together, I'll buy some tickets and give them or extras, out to U2 friends. But as luck ( save some $$)or bad luck would have it, the code was accepted as accurate - brought me into the JP system, but would not allow me to check out on multiple occasions. Maybe the universe is telling me something. None the less, still hope to go...just a long shot. The irony is I have to be in Tokyo mid Dec ! Ahh. Could someone ask U2 to change the dates ? No biggy, right ?! Hope you all reading and posting make it and for those like Fragrant and Raz above, have a wonderful reunion.
  16. Thank you. Not yet re tickets as i wont know until later in June if it’s a go
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