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  1. They will play the full album. There is no reason for them not to and all of the promo materials have stated that that is exactly what they intend to do. I think the concern with the I&E tour was that they wouldn't be playing enough of their hits at every show if they spread them over 2 completely different setlists from night to night. Ultimately it sounds like they got cold feet worrying about whether an arena full of many (mostly?) casual fans would respond to a set that didn't include enough of the requisite hits on any single night. That really won't be an issue on this tour. The Joshua Tree is their most successful album and 4 of the 11 songs have been regulars in their setlists ever since it was released (Streets, I Still Haven't Found, With or Without You, Bullet). That leaves plenty of room for the 7 lesser played songs on the album plus a whole bunch of other classics and some deep cuts from other eras. They clearly got cold feet last time about having to pick which of the 2 nights would get One or which would get WOWY, but this go round they can play all of the big hits in one show and still have room for some other stuff as well.
  2. You're doing it wrong. I only used 2 of my 4 eligible tickets so I just checked and you can still pull GAs and lower level tickets in the presale for the MetLife Stadium show at 10:15am. Sounds like you refreshed the Ticketmaster site too many times before the onsale and you locked yourself out. Clear your cache like the others have suggested above and try again.
  3. Just to update, all has apparently been resolved. I signed up and was refunded the $10 and retained my membership status. Thanks.
  4. Thank you! I sent the first message via the help page on Saturday from my mobile phone and then tried again earlier this morning since I wasn't 100% sure the first one went through. I appreciate the assistance. I will try to call tomorrow if I still have no luck today.
  5. I am in a very similar situation. I'm not happy about this at all. I've filled out the help form online but haven't heard anything back. I've been member of this site since they first added paid members, and am not happy about the prospect of losing my status for upcoming presales should U2 start touring again. This should have never happened this way.
  6. I want to renew my paid account. It expired this past weekend while I was on vacation. Never recieved any renewal emails before leaving. Please help as I want to retain my status as having been a fan club member for many, many years nhow.
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