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  1. So here we go. My show 1&2 posted in other thread. Nite 4 was great. Gloria a huge plus for this old timer. Stuck in a Mo.was a nice addition and loved the encore. Singing 40 in the halls leaving and hoping its not 4 years for them to return..Night 1 wins out for the WOW effect and insane crowd. Nt 2 good but 4 was a great final show. ....hum maybe a New York roadtrip in the making.....
  2. Hum....I have my own page running here. I know there is a main page for posts as show occurs and there after BUT ?????? WHERE ARE THOSE BOSTON U2 DIEHARDS.....? well anyway show 3 for me tonite, #4 -Boston 7/15, another review post from me - yet to come
  3. HERE IS A NEW TOPIC PAGE FOR ANY ALL , REVIEWS , THOUGHTS , ETC ON BOSTON , NIGHTS 1-2-3-4.... U2jerry, here, For me night 1 was the overall better show , the set list a little heavier , the 4 song encore and of course BAD......BUT MY SHINING MOMENT was enjoying the show with my 14 yearold son , his first. our group this night was 8 , and 4 people were first timers. All were completely blow away buy the - U2 EXPERIENCE- and several want to go to another show. On night 1 , the crowd singing the entire song ONE as BONO guided us along , but I must admit on night two as the crowd sang ONE again it much louder..More so, I was shocked they did this back to back but a nice touch. Night 2, our group of 16 went...different set list and always welcome changes especially those spur of moment ones, BAD was just unreal , a LIVE_AID flash back , walking along the wild side and realizing 28 years of seeing these boys over 30 times in 28 years just was so incredible as I remember working the day of LIVE AID , my VCR [wtf ??haha.] rolling and running home , blown away - WERE AN IRISH BAND ....WE COME FROM.....and 12 minutes later I was hooked for life,By far the bands biggest moment and put the on the so called map, the song BAD also has a personal meaning for me as my only brother passed some years ago, so the back - to back - playing over two shows was one of my greatest U2 memories of all time. So now on a lighter note, night 2 had the crowd energy early and an fantastic late half of the show but a downer was only a 2 song encore. I found out later that S.H.F.W.I.L.F , was to be the song the crowd sang or The Troubles and then end with ONE. they ended at 10;45 so there was time for another song or two....but in the end a small gripe for an amazing show. Major props to the Band for the #BOSTONSTRONG............and BONO acknowledging the 23 shows ,and Boston being like a second home.....It was fitting for night 1 &2. this fan is taking a pass on show 3, But will be in the house closing night !.. peace, u2jerry
  4. Good....uhn....GREAT. ...seeing the boys in BOSTON .3out of 4 nts !
  5. Outside 4seasons. Or the Ritz. Outside where they stay.? ? He also walks BOSTON COMMMON. I have none. But several near misses.good luck
  6. The HARP. has cover band JOSHUA TREE playing as follows Fri.Sat. right after U2 show ends Tue.Wed. day prior to both shows It is right beside the Garden. Usually no cover $. But likely weekends nts Btw ....BOSTON ROCKS...U2 STYLE it is like their second home. ENJOY. ...U2 JERRY
  7. ONYX . is right beside venue. And where all the bars.clubs etc are.
  8. Whats up BOSTON - U2 - LAND....,, GETTING CLOSE , any one know of any U2 pre parties, 7/9 ?? , meet -ups,coverband shows, going on. ? if so post them.... thanks U2 Jerry...
  9. ANDREW , I hope to go all 4 , and a New York one --have first 2 shows and my friends swap out tix and hook each other up so everyne can go. Hit up my proflie there a some of my older posts under BLOGS but alot got lost along the way. I have gone to close to 30 shows since 1983, and several out of state shows.Really want to go to an Ireland gig, but $$$,Like many U2 are my favorite band and July can't come fast enough. Kind of venting here but at one time was an Original fan club member in 1981-( PROPAGANA) but had a bit of falling out w/ U2.COM back in 2010, over Pre-sales and seniority , many of us were ---uhm-- screwed but that was back then . This site sort of grew too fast but it really has a lot to offer so I just do the public thing...anyway check these out [ google sites]if you hav'ent COVER BAND , --2U , , best one around they actually tour !!! , and @u2.com , really cool site.. later, u2jerry
  10. HI ALL, crazy early for all this but alot of fun to plan out esp those traveling to BOSTON - CITY OF CHAMPIONS !!!!! GO PATS...2015 I have been off line here for a few years and glad to get active again, FIRST major props to Andrew that is great list / guide some things I will add is Boston is a great walking town , so look up walking tours not just the Freedom Trail. Also, the local U2 TRIBUTE BAND IS - JOSHUA TREE- they play the HARP, across street from Garden every time U2 plays in Boston before and after shows. A couple of tips, a must is Doyles [ a true Irish pub] great food n drink,, , on MBTA orange line, Forest Hills stop, and they run free SAM ADAMS tours from there by trolly 3 -4 blocks away mostly 7 days a week, Do got to Regina Pizza *** THE NORTH END ONE !!!! , and check BOSTON CALENDER and BOSTON.COM closer to show dates for things to do, music, clubs...etc SEE YOU IN JULY U2jerry
  11. Days away and U2 Bostonites will be in the house, if you out there who's going??? any info out there as to meet-ups, best U2 bars places to hang out, going for 3 days, also for all you seeking- B A D- to be played [ like me] get out those signs especially near the stage/pit areas. See you at the S H O W !!!!!!.....I think this is my 30th since the early 80's.. .U2JERRY/BOSTON
  12. I am sure I was missed but the BOSTON snub really pissed me off, now some summer fun, off to Philly , 4 of us and putting final details together, and the whole trip, is cheaper than my Foxboro tickets !!!!......hey a shout out to Carter, and you all who tried to pull this off.. !...so Philly it is......peace.........lata.
  13. I'm back, boy that Boston snub really pissed me off !!!! looking to go to Philly, need 4 total tickets, have a deal in the works, but any out there ?? also can you all pass along any hotel info, appx 100 a nt? near venue and some of the best U2 type bars/clubs/events ???...and how about BAD IN PHILLY !!!..thxs.
  14. I just do not get it a bypass of BOSTON, and now DUBLIN is so non- U2..........!!!!!!!! need I say anymore!!!!!
  15. By far my favorite U2 song , a personal type connection, and I have posted alot on this, and I still think they could work it in more esp. as an encore. Also, any and every new or old U2 fan should watch the LIVE-AID video of BAD , it is in My biased opinion that it is the best live performance of U2 and clearly put them on the Worlds Stage.
  16. Those boy bands pulled a fast one and moved dates, no U2, and on top of that the wife and kids, want to go, see this show, BSB/NKOB........great., 500.00 , I could have used for a U2 roadtrip.
  17. As a long time fan of U2 music and yes all those live shows over the years, I find it quite odd that it appears they have never released any FULL acoustic c/d, live c/d other than RED ROCKS, or ever appeared on shows like MTV/VH1.. storytellers/acoustic, or sessions, or other shows showcasing stripped down versions of "HIT" songs. with STUCK IN A MOMENT-acoustic release , at one point the #1 downloaded on I-tunes, and so many other great live tracks and acoustic tracks , why no CD s released, What do you think or am I missing something????? my only thought is these will come when they stop touring and part of a new-record contract, but why no acoustic shows??
  18. not to sure about the whole coast - to - coast stage swap but they have two sub stages so it can happen. still the whole thing with the STONES stage, half the size of 360*, crushing FENWAYS outfield some years back makes me think ..no... but maybe, they, U2, have been quiet about a BOS?NE? show and they like big announcements, but GILLETTE(*****GO PATS****) is still wide open for dates.
  19. the rumor going around is yes, hold your breath, Fenway will have a Backsteet/New Kids, show this summer, great for my kids and wife, bad on my wallet!!!....anyway I still think there is a chance to add this stop for the end of tour but one would think U2 being a money making machine would have announced a Boston? or N.E show before X-mass?? still 8 months away.....but we still haven't found what were looking for !!!!!
  20. Hum....is no news good news, or is it actually bad news ??? Â just thinking out loud because some summer GILLETTE concerts have been announced, but NO .....U2........................YET !!!
  21. I do not think it would work w/o any of them, yes Bono is the frontman, Â but did you ever see a car run on 3 wheels for 30 plus year s ?
  22. Carter Alans and WZLXs, facebook page is over a thousand people and growing at least we have a direct connection to the band and some communication. I am not sure how long to wait because a roadtrip concert is still an option but twice the money!.....anyway still no announcement that ...NO MORE....dates will be added...........it can still happen..Aug 2011 ?? and maybe the final show of tour ???
  23. yup, now it does not look good the dates just do not seem to match up...........so the only hope appears to be if the extend tour past Pitt,[ final date] and they will still be in the Northeast....it is still. possible.
  24. ok so no show yet but on the positive CARTER ALAN< WZLX>>BOSTON, has 600 strong and growing on his facebook page and we still have open dates to fit a show in, but I am starting to wonder, based on all the reports last year of problems, if there was a legal issue or falling out, traffic is one thing , but they still have not said no more dates will be added........btw....Nashville, good for you, I always wanted to visit !!!!!
  25. HEY...were going in the wrong direction......make a u-turn back to BOSTON !!!! it appears we will know soon, any NE stop is fine...
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