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  1. I also had a lot of trouble with TicketMaster today for the presale. Took about an hour, multiple types of errors similar to what others have mentioned (hangs searching, server crash, Buy button timing out immediately). Details if anyone needs them: I picked best available thinking it would find the best seats. It took forever, saying x minutes left for way longer than whatever it said, and finally came back with GA, which I did not want. I picked another package and searched again and it was taking forever saying 1 minute left. I finally opened another browser instance and searched. The first browser instance NEVER did come back with any results from the search. With the new browser instance, it eventually came back with tickets and said some low number like 10-15 seconds left in sale, I immediately hit buy and it said time was up (it clearly was not yet up). Searched again, that finally came back, clicked Buy, server crash with a very cryptic error message (white screen, text message at top). So, this sort of thing went on for a while, sometimes it seemed as if the Buy button just completely didn't work. Finally it came back with seats which, of course, were not as good as the ones in the previous searches, but eventually the sale looked like it went through. This was very frustrating. Hopefully the road trip to NY will go way smoother!
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