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  1. How could they get tired of I will follow..please get real
  2. Honestly,U2 have so many songs they would need to play a 4 hr gig to satisfy our appetite, but really I will follow is their battle Hyme...Your eyes make acircle.......Achtung and POP need more representation...fly, get funky with discoteque, you no what they can play all night in sin city. I understand that anew album they gotta play these songs, and its a brilliant album (play fez) just you can't not play I will follow.......It would be like Jesus not playingthe last supper,,,its all good, U2 will rock the planet and I have GA for Vegas baby
  3. Can't believe I will follow is not on the list. I've been a fan since 1979 living in Balbriggan Ireland. I will follow was the first U2 single Ibought. The intense edge guitar along with Bonos epic call to follow the lord is classic U2 along with 11 o'clock tic tock. Please, please we have tobond together and ask for the lads to get on their boots and play U2 royalty. My wife danyiel will be devastated if it is not on the list in Vegas..Zootopiansplease plead the case. Get back to the punk roots.
  4. U2 have a message to share. Love god with all your heart and love one another. Bono is a prophet who shares this message just like john the baptist beforehim. When U2 take to the road the world is a better place. See ya in Vegas.
  5. FEZ & NLONH are both huge songs way ahead of anything else out there, just like Zooropa and discoteque.
  6. Probably the Police after U2 had the biggest effect on alternative rock today. I guess you call it suicide but im too full to swallow my pride, I cant stand losing you
  7. what ya gonna do when you're feelin so blue, when your well runs dry woman. legalize it baby
  8. Born in London, lived in Balbriggan Ireland, now living in Aptos Ca few miles down the rd from Santa Cruz. I know a girl called party, party girl
  9. U2 Stones breaking benjamin zepplin bowie gabriel pumpkins clash garbage system
  10. Bono is a prophet, a rock n roll rabbi, spreading the gospel message through music and poetry.
  11. what a tough question Actung Baby...U2 rebirth POP...insane in the membrane NLOTH BOY Unforgetable live at red rocks
  12. Most bands like the beatles imploded because of Egos. Lennon & McCartney, Plant & Page, Marley & Tosh, Jaguar & Richards, hall & Oates(joking) all put themselves bofore the Band. clash & floyd same thing. U2 are One band, larry, Edge, Bono, Adam, best friends who believe in We over Me. U2 have exploded once again on top of the mountain. They are ultimate pros, friends and inspire each other to greatness and now we have NLOTH..a masterpieceand we get to see them take the greatest show on earth on the road for our pleasure and heaven on earth
  13. these guys are the real deal, best U2 cover band. these guys gave me the U2 fix I needed until latest album. bay area rules
  14. David Bowie was still on top off his game......We can be heroes at live aid was brillliant. Music genius. don't forget Peter Gabriel live one of bestlive albums of all time
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