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  1. One, n

    1. birdsong


      2017 is looking up. Thanks, U2, we need this.


  2. Woke up in a dream of U2 doing the Beatles "Revolution" and it was very nice.
  3. (((((((Happy Christmas and a wonderful, healthy 2012 to all Zootops and U2, too)))))))
  4. Rumor has it today is Kristaps 26th birthday. Geez, I have socks older than that! LOL Happy birthday to Kris!
  5. I vote for a Spicy and Basher thread. Pretty good stuff there, ya'll.
  6. Been wanting to say that to someone all day! I feel better now. Thanks, Troll--ur a doll.
  7. Ha, ha, she said rubber!! LOL May I be Assistant Rubber? Actually, I want to be the Shoe Shine Girl!
  8. New Year's Day by that band, U2--can you believe it?
  9. Girl, you better stay off that "Bono thread!" LOL Happy New Year, everyone!
  10. You get to hear Rail song? Lucky u!! Here's my try...sorry--too much eggnog! <3 the rail snagged the snail not lonely now
  11. Leonard Cohen Check out old dvd "I'm Your Man" with U2, Rufus Wainwright, etc. Very nice.
  12. Right on , Sista Spicy! You sound like a New Orleans kind of person
  13. Well, now I'm thinking of a pomegranate martini! Or just a beautiful pomegranate, cut open and those fabulous garnet seeds sprinkled over a salad. Gorgeous and very good for you. And now, I'll probably think of Bono every time I eat one. Hmmmm............. I'm totally not doing anything very productive, chilling out after Tropical Storm Ida blew by last night. It is probably time for a Guiness!
  14. I cannot wait for the worst U2 tour ever to start back up, can't wait to see them again! I don't care if they sing nursery rhymes really. Bet everyone would still have a great time.
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