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    1. birdsong


      2017 is looking up. Thanks, U2, we need this.


  2. Rumor has it today is Kristaps 26th birthday. Geez, I have socks older than that! LOL Happy birthday to Kris!
  3. [quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote: Zhivvy wrote: xtraspicy62']who is he trying to fool? theres nothing there! Arrrrrrrr -my eyes my eyes!!!!! my dear zhivvy, what has the young man to grab onto anyway? LOL No mango, that's for sure...maybe kumquats?
  4. Well, I've been out of it a while! How nice to find this Blue Room! Very pleasant...good job, as usual, Helen! I will have to go back and look I guess, but I saw mention of a white Irish bum? Wouldn't mind a peek, actually, even if stalker-ish. I'm now going to search for a pint of Guinness cause my bum is not wide enough yet! (Yes, it is but...I drink it for the nutritional value!) loving the peacefulness...will visit again, for sure!
  5. [quote name='cash0012 wrote: Zhivvy wrote: suee']I was thinking last night, how all these shows are coming close to a end....and felt very sad and even started to cry. I know exactly what you mean! This has been the most amazing tour and will be sad to see it end. Just saw the claw for the first time a few hours ago and it's beautiful. It is really good to know others feel the same way. I have cried, too, and wondered if I am a little too involved. So good to have company. Last night for Montreal 2 Live Audio, even Bono said he felt sad.
  6. Beautiful, Zhivvy! I'm inspi(red) to run outside now with my great dogs! Like I said, Carpe diem, ya'll---let's enjoy the days as they come. love to you all, <3 (As Bono says, gotta run!)
  7. *And*... U2 will soon be in your neighborhood! I'm wistful because last year, on this date, I was about to see U2 in Tampa, Florida! Sigh... 123, give your daughter food, shelter, adequate clothing, lots of patience, love, loyalty and music. And maybe a winning lottery ticket!
  8. if you promise not to scream! LOL! I have at least two bags I will part with if you pm me and give me time to reply as I'm heading out on vacay, en la manana. I SOOO enjoy what ya'll do on this thread---please don't stop. So clever. Maybe I should do something with my "gang of Bonos" before they all part company! Let me know if you want a bag--I stocked up when WM had them on clearance table!
  9. We should send these pix to Bono to cheer him up as he recuperates except it would make him laugh and that might hurt. I have two extra bags that I would be willing to part with for any of you fans across the pond. PM me if you want to do a deal.
  10. Geez Louise, Mary, that plate of food pic *gave* me a hangover and it's only 9:30 AM here Florida! What is that really dark colored disk sitting next to the egg? Best cure for a hangover? Bean burrito, extra jalepenos, and a large Pepsi. Btw, KK has heart-shaped, chocolate covered doughnuts for Valentine's Day. mmmmm......
  11. Mary, hey! I had a lemon KK on Sunday and snarfed it down in your honor---however, I may not have done so if I had been aware that you are making fun of the "chronologically advanced" on this thread! Hmmmph! LOL Actually, I happily and cheerfully relinquish my crown as oldest Zootop!
  12. Girl, you better stay off that "Bono thread!" LOL Happy New Year, everyone!
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