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  1. Thanks. That’s what I thought, but wanted to check first.
  2. I started trying at 10 after and by the time I got through trying to get anything on the lower level (not behind the stage) I gave up. I am hoping they will add a second night.
  3. If you buy RZ and can’t go to the show, can you sell on verified fan? I got shut out on my first location, would like to get tix for my second choice, but an’t go to both.
  4. That was hilarious!!!! OMG I laughed so hard I cried!
  5. Missing out on INXS, and R.E.M are what made me decide to start traveling to see U2. Life is short so you should take every opportunity you can. My wish list: Muse, Snow Patrol, White Stripes, Weezer
  6. I'll start with last year and I know I can't name them all: My Chemical Romance/ Panic at the Disco/ Foo Fighters/ Elton John/ Bruce Springsteen/ Coldplay/ Eagles/ Electric Six/ Local H / Bad English/ Billy Joel/ Brian Wilson/ Dixie Chicks/ Duran Duran/ Eric Clapton/ Everclear/ Firehouse/ Foreigner(original line-up)/ Garbage(u2 opener)/ Garth Brooks/ Gin Blossoms/ Green Day/ John Mellencamp/ Jonny Lang/ Journey/ Kanye west(u2 opener)/ Keane/ Kings of Leon(u2 opener)/ No Doubt/ Paul Simon/ PJ Harvey(u2 opener)/ REO Speedwagon/ Tesla/ Trisha Yearwood/ The Wallflowers/ Wolfmother/
  7. U2 live on the Vertigo tour in Phoenix (Glendale) April 15, 2005. Brilliant show!!!
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