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  1. We were there too! So cool. Will post our pics when back in Dublin.
  2. This question really needs to be answered by someone officially. If I don't use this code for Europe will I get issued a new one for Dublin? Surely Irish album buyers are entitled pre-sale access to the Irish shows when announced?
  3. Nobody knows. I’m the same. Want to use for Dublin too.
  4. I’m in the same boat. I’m keeping my codes for Dublin as I live in Dublin. I hope they will still be valid, it very unclear. The frustrating thing is we would like to go to a show in Europe too but I’m trying to save these codes for home and am not even sure if I’m doing the right thing.
  5. Does anyone know what to do with your 'verified' account for Europe. I have a ticketmaster US account and a Ticketmaster Ireland account - I live in Ireland. I was verified with my US account linked for the US tour because I've gone to a few shows in the US through the years. Now my account is linked to the US account. When it comes to Europe I'll want to buy for Dublin. Can I unlink my US account and add my Ticketmaster Ireland account back on. I'm a very longtime subscriber - in the 'experience' group for last tours. Don't want this verification process to mess up my
  6. You can get GA Pitch 1 tickets still using your code. But I'm holding out til tomorrow to see if GA Pitch 2 appear. 9am Irish time when Wire Group opens up.
  7. Don't give up. Try tomorrow when the Wire Group are released.
  8. Similar TM problems here - empty handed for GA. What gig were you trying for? I haven't given up home for tomorrow morning, we know how the system works now.
  9. I have to be honest what happened to me this morning was a disgrace. Typical Ticketmaster. Here's my story.... I logged onto TM Ireland on time, visited the U2 ticketing page and around about 8.58 a clock ticker appeared counting down to when tickets would be available. As a Red Hill subscriber I was at the ready with my code to paste into the usual box once tickets appeared. Only thing is...no tickets appeared. Just a spinning 'loading' symbol. After about five mins I refreshed the page and links to all ticket types appeared but once you clicked on the I just got the standard 'no availabi
  10. I was the same but discovered (too late) that you had to log in through u2.com
  11. does anyone know how many people the "inner circle" holds??? I too am going to Q on Friday morning but I don't want to waste my time if i amgoing to end up being down the end of the Q. nothing worse than being stuck in Croker from gates open and NOT in the circle!!!
  12. I'd be stunned if this is true. Why would they bother? I mean Pat Kenny???
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