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  1. Hello all Italians and travelers. Long time u2 tour travelers here - been to many European cities for shows, but first time to Milan and wondering about getting around - city center to venue, things to do, recommendations for eats, and attractions... and things to avoid. Rock on !!! Thanks, Robert !!
  2. Hey Max thanks for the input. I'm in Boston what would your thought be about saving our codes for upcoming European leg... as this makes it much easier to get tix for shows in Europe from America ?? Thanks !!!
  3. Nickledough, I have 1 GA ticket for for sale for San Diego (9/22) that I am selling at face value ($85). Ticket requires credit card entry, so we will have to meet before show. Let me know.



  4. Was # 161 in the St. Louis queue, came in from Boston. Understand that with the way the world is it was the right thing to do... trying not to dwell Anyway looking for one GA for San Diego Thanks !!
  5. Hello big Wave ! Dublin will be show 71 for me I've seen some very well organized queues and some not so... manly because the venue didn't know how to handle it effectively. I received an email last night from T-M Cust. Serv. about Croak Park. I'm wondering if you've seen it and what your thoughts about might be. Thanks !    

    1. bigwave


      not seen it, maybe you can PM it over?

    2. nickledough


      Hey Thanks for the reply... not sure why I haven't seen it sooner. Sometimes I get lost in this site - Zootopia. Croaker was great. Queue was very well run; exceptional actually... when the venue staff gave wristbands at 11:00 am on show day with #'s on the wristbands matching the #'s on the back of hands!

      St Louis next for me - Ga's. be great to meet up if you're there

  6. from what I hear the Ga's are going to be paperless, but not sure how that works.
  7. 9:30pm on the east coast in Beantown (Boston), thinking the European presales go off in roughly 6 hours or so, Does anyone out there Have a presale code yet ??
  8. would like to hang out with abel

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