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  1. Hello big Wave ! Dublin will be show 71 for me I've seen some very well organized queues and some not so... manly because the venue didn't know how to handle it effectively. I received an email last night from T-M Cust. Serv. about Croak Park. I'm wondering if you've seen it and what your thoughts about might be. Thanks !    

    1. bigwave


      not seen it, maybe you can PM it over?

    2. nickledough


      Hey Thanks for the reply... not sure why I haven't seen it sooner. Sometimes I get lost in this site - Zootopia. Croaker was great. Queue was very well run; exceptional actually... when the venue staff gave wristbands at 11:00 am on show day with #'s on the wristbands matching the #'s on the back of hands!

      St Louis next for me - Ga's. be great to meet up if you're there

  2. would like to hang out with abel

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