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    Achtung Baby
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    The Fly
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    Montreal 1992 (Zoo TV - Outside Broadcast Tour)
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    Montreal 2010 (360 Tour - 2x nights at Hippodrome)
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    Montreal 2001 (Elevation Tour)
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    The band as a unit.
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    Zeppelin, Hendrix, The XX, Bjork..
  1. If what you say is accurate...they shouldn't love the Big O these days. In the 80's, the Big O didn't have a roof on it, so it might have been OK. The sonics are so bad now at the Olympic Stadium that you can't even understand what's being said over a PA system. The sound at Popmart was horrendous, whereas the sound at 360 (outside) was fantastic, and the sound at the Bell Centre is passable. The Big O's sound is crap, there is no denying that, and the Bell Centre is actually very good for the type of show they have been doing since Popmart. I realized after creating this post that the
  2. Is anyone else very surprised to see Montreal and New York not being part of this tour? Are there any rumours out there if these 2 will pop up in the future for this specific tour? Thanks! L.
  3. What would be amazing is do what Peter Gabriel does and sell silver cds of individual shows. The mixes are so-so but great to have a proper souvenir from the shows.
  4. hoping for 2 more shows to be announced - check-out page froze also for me. Not cool. Had to call and grab 2 seats in the blue section. Bummer..
  5. Montreal - Canada Just received my copies of Zoo TV and U22 - opened package as well, but not enough to loose anything - ouf!! Waiting for my book now! L.
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