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  1. Red hill fixed but wires still 2 hr difference with TM NZ see below text TM NZ U2 com mentiins 1400 PM start U2.com Subscribers Presale: Wires From:Thu 13 Jun 2019 @ 16:00 PM Until:Sat 15 Jun 2019 @ 17:00 P
  2. Different presale times u2 com (10.00)and TM/livenatioN (12.00) U2 comSUBSCRIBER PRESALE WINDOW (except Singapore)Thu 13 Jun, 10am - Sat 15 Jun, 5pm NZST - AUCKLAND - Mt Smart StadiumThu 13 Jun, 11am - Sat 15 Jun, 5pm AEST
  3. Thank mich! Much appreciated perhaps get the text changed as is causing some confusiion 😉
  4. Hi quick question as some discussions going on as well on other sites. If you have not used up your presale code yet so say bought 2 tickets for 1st sydney show can you then still use the same code to buy 2 more for Sydney 2?? this as on your site it says if you have not used your code yet you can buy tix for these extra shows. Should this not be not used or not used up? ( max 4) u2. Com text says Tickets for these shows will go on sale to the general public next Monday, June 17th, but U2.com subscribers, who have not used their unique ticketing code in earlier presales for this tour, can enter advance presales from this Thursday, June 13th, to buy up to four tickets.
  5. Can anybody answer this question. If 2 people in same Household both have a presale code. Can they then buy 4 tickets each or 4 in total as there is some mentioning of checking nr of tickets at same address/ Household. Would be 2 different creditcards. Thanks! Edith
  6. Anybody in the states who can perhaps call u2.com anf try get an answer?
  7. belgian 'fan' club is making a multicam dvd of both shows so everybody that shot some footage send it to them! see their webpage here http://www.u2bat.be/2010/...60%c2%b0-tour-bruxelles/ it is in French but you can use a google translate or other online translator . basically they ask you to upload your files via Megaupload or Rapidshare and then send the links to the uploads to email address u2batadmin@gmail.com
  8. You will LOOOOOOOOVE the shows!! Congratulations to all Aussies and Kiwis and all the other mad ones that will fly down under to see them ;-) I wish I could......
  9. Don't be so quick with your judgement silkspectre So you are disappointed in Bono.... and now what? you going to write him a letter and tell him off? Respect people's decisions for whatever reason and dont make such a big deal out of this
  10. Get well soon Bono! Don't force things. Your fans will wait for the shows to take place for as long as it takes you to get 100% well again. It is all about YOU now. lots of love
  11. we were in the redzone so not disrupting anyone when slowly walking towards the exit..... I would normally never do this either but sometimes there can be a reason for it is all I just wanted to point out. If I could have had the day off work then we would have stayed the night nearby but that was not an option. I have been to close to 50 U2 concerts now so not feeling less of a fan because of this one time slipping out 1 mins before they finished....
  12. I have done this once....... this tour with MOS and it was not as much to beat the traffic but because I still had a 3 + hours journey to drive back home and indeed did not want to get stuck in traffic.... I had to be at work the next day so hotel was no option... does that make me less of a fan??? ;-) I know the answer to that myself the best .....
  13. depends a bit on the set up of entry but as the entrance to the red zone is near the entrance of the inner circle you have a good chance of getting into the inner circle should you wish to do so. Friend of mine did this in Germany. Depends a bit if they open all gates at the same time. If they open the red zone gates later and the inner circle is quite full already I would not bother. The great thing about red zone is that it is not cramped (AT ALL) so enough space around you. My favorite spot was front barrier 2nd part so not in the inner circle but just outside on the barrier. You have close up moments with the guys but overall a better view of the stage and screens. Inner circle you can get neck cramp haha. I have seen them front barrier main stage, red zone, middle of the field and seats so had a look from all sides ;-) I am sure you will love the show no matter where you stand
  14. Juul wrote: advanloon wrote: Hee Juul, Alles goed? VVV gaat weer langzaam beter draaien. Wanneer kan je het kampioenschap gaan vieren? Heej Ad, zeker alles goed. VVV moet de komende 2 weken super zware wedstrijden spelen. Tegen MVV en RKC. Als VVV deze wedstrijden gaat winnen is het praktisch gebeurt. Dus even afwachten nog. jao dat is us mvv, dat zien de kleure roed en wit... dat is de club boe pit in zit (ahum haha)...... maar eens kijken wie er gaat winnen........ maar gunjullie kampioenschap wel hoor.... lang geleden dat ik bij mvv zat te vernikkelen op die rode koude kuipstoeltjes...... Trusten allemaal!
  15. look at the letter behind U2 in your code if it is an A you are horizon if it is a B you are breathe group C is boots
  16. geloof dat iedereen alle kaarten heeft die hij of zij wilt hebben maar zie net dat er weer kaarten zijn voor Cardiff http://www.seetickets.com/see/price.asp?code=385573&userid={0A062409-559B-4C15-B278-721B89055F76}&filler1=see&filler2=ven-srch voor het geval dat toch maar effe vermelden
  17. Oooh.....er is een jaar geweest dat ik om dezelfde reden niet kan wachten dat het 11 juli was! 1987 soms.......... :-)
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