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  1. Darn -- somehow I wasn't able to select seats. OH well, will be there. First time in ages I didn't do red zone. My friend wanted the $171 seats, so I got them. I will be happy to be there, but know I'll be sad I'm not on the floor. Hopefully they'll come again to KC and I can get GA tix!
  2. I have done the red zone for the last several tours. LOVE IT. Very close, not much wait time, less crowded.
  3. Time has changed to 12:15. Also, they offered a presale code to season ticket holders because of this change.
  4. Thanks for all the tips. I've done previous red zones several times... always a new place to stand!
  5. They told me the same thing at around 10:30 a.m..... and then suddenly there were some (for KC).
  6. I used the same number at 10 a.m. central time and they told me the same thing. I argued with them. They were finally able to pull up GA and red zone (at first nothing was showing up for me).
  7. FYI - ticktemaster on the problem phone also said I could get GA for Kansas City.
  8. I think this got merged somewhere in here, but I finally got a ticketmaster person the phone to help. I called the number for help (not sales number). It took some arguing, prodding, and 40 minutes, but I got redzone for Kansas Ctiy.
  9. I argued with them and now they're getting me Red Zone.... waiting for confirmation...
  10. I can't even get those now. My code just quit working.
  11. Ugh. Ok, I'm having Kansas City problem too. Now saying my code isn't even working. I have a meeting in 30 minutes. I'm about to cry.
  12. I bought two tickets for Cleveland. Tried to buy two more for Kansas city. Had red zone in and was paying. Then, everything went dead. Now, saying my code won't work at all. On phone with ticketmaster now but can anyone at U2.com help?!?
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