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  1. So, my awesome kids (13 & 15) heard that we were going to U2 and now desperately want to join us.....I was in 8th grade when I saw the Joshua Tree Tour on Oct. 3 in Toronto. I'd love to relive the experience with them. I'll do anything to get good music into their heads! Can meet at venue or have you UPS them with PayPal, etc. Thanks! Ryan
  2. they ABSOLUTELY look at the time stamp on the receipt. They get Paid to make sure you pay. Just the way it works during BIG concert events. You could grab food AFTER or hit one of the bars on the way out and maybe bluff your way out of the parking lot.....
  3. Interested. My sister/brother live up your way, or I can have you fedex them to me. paper tix? I won't need your CC to enter right?
  4. if you plan to park in the cinema or restaurant lot, the attendant will ask to see your receipt from a restaurant or the movies upon your exit or you will be asked to pay parking. We got pegged at a pats game. It is hit/miss, but be prepared you may still have to cough up your $$.
  5. Done!!!! Let's do this. How's best to make it happen? Can I pm you my contact info?
  6. Looking for one GA ticket so that the four of us can make it to the 7/11 show. I bought tix early on the tickmaster site, I thought I plugged in 4, but it only sold me 3 and I'm smart enough not to turn those down. I'm taking my wife. 13 yr old daughter and 10 yr old son to our first show together. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
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