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  1. The main problem that I've been having with the setlist is that the encore is pretty anticlimactic and basically all ballad. 'One' obviously gets the crowd going and 'Love is Bigger than Anything' is great live, but concluding with '13' and Bono exiting from the opposite end from Larry/Adam/Edge as the music fades has to be the least excitement I've ever experienced (no pun intended) for a U2 finale. It's a bold move to swap the tried and true '40' with a less soulful version of "Song for Someone" and a less interesting use of the "Ultraviolet" prop. Also YTBTAM is a great song (possibly the catchiest on new album), but maybe not the right choice to remix/acoustic as fans are still just getting to know it and want to rock out to it. I think I'm the minority, but Summer of Love is the best song on the new album! All that said, LOVED the show, good mix of telling the ie story that they want to tell, throwing in a few classics (they'll never play enough Achtung Baby for me), understandably leaving out J Tree (although casual U2 fans will be disappointed), and the energy from the guys night in and night out with such a big, visual spectacle has to be appreciated! Long time member, first time poster.
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