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  1. I'm experiencing some tech problems with Periscope on my Android phone.  Was hoping to broadcast later.  In a few tests, my viewers said they could only pick up the audio.  Hopefully it will work later but, to avoid disappointment, best trying someone else's stream.  In any case, there will be audio...and hopefully that will be good.  @EwenY


    Edit:  I'm going to use Meerkat instead.

  2. It might be Irish but that doesn't really mean anything, but that news site is notoriously awful when it comes to reporting anything U2 related.  Sometimes they get it right, mostly they get it wrong.  Just take anything from that site with a big pinch of salt...they love an exclusive as much as the next news site. But thanks anyway for the heads-up.

  3. I'm kind of happy with what I ended up with (not the price, that's another story) since I'll get a different experience (pardon the pun) from each MSG show.  I've got two level 2 seats (Saturday and Thursday), one level 1 seat (Sunday) and a red zone for Wednesday. Was similar for me on the 360 tour, where I had GAs for some shows and seats in the stand for others.  I personally enjoyed the show better from up in the stand because I can't deal with the pushing and the hassle that comes with standing in GA.  I want to enjoy the show, not come out feeling stressed by obnoxious people around me.  Was fine when I was in my 20s and 30s but I'd rather not deal with that these days.


    I was extremely close (had it in my cart) to buying a VIP ticket.  Then I thought...what for?  Some crappy MSG food and a tacky gift?  Nah, I'll eat a decent meal before the show and I've got far too much U2 stuff as it is! ;)

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