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  1. i rang manchester areana yesterday and they told me to ring them on morning of presales and give my code and they will sort it all out
  2. Just re-subbed so thought I would say hello whilst in here 

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    2. Malahide


      Yes, it's true. You definitely should come back more often

    3. Frankaz


      Yeah. We need naked Friday's with wine!

    4. pain_18_


      Naked in Wine !

  3. 38593 - So excited today that have even logged in here so hadto count too!! hope you are all good
  4. I would love to do it as have done for years but unfortunately cannot afford to do it this year. Will miss it
  5. It was so amazing. I wish there was cameras as we left to record the happy happy faces of us all
  6. Was at both Glasgow shows. Saturday was the best U2 show ever. Was speechless after the show - which is unusual for me as those who know me can agree with! Happiness, tears, completely blown away. I stood for the whole show in GA on crutches - i am covered in bruises from doing that but i dont care - i was offered a seat but said no. Shared it with the most amazing friends. Cannot put into words what the night meant to me and everyone else who was there.
  7. Am never coming back down after being at their best show ever on Saturday night

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    2. Anjana


      ha ha ha nice try, I told security I couldn't see a thing but would perhaps have a better view from the stage, they just grinned like 'nice try'

    3. Zhivvy


      They just dont understand us!

    4. Anjana


      I know...but one day our persistence will be rewarded t'be sure t'be sure!

  8. lol!!! I sent mine to her dad's so I can listen to it loudly and sing loudly without being told i am sooooo embarrassing lol
  9. YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!! We will not be without a dancing banana lol
  10. God please no! One of you is bad enough ahem a slap will be in order next weekend missus! Just seen this - you forgot to slap me and just gave me loving hugs instead because you love me lol!!!
  11. Gifs thread general forum, easy to copy and paste but shame no longer connected with post ok going to try that but may spill noodles over my keyboard - can we have dancing noodles?
  12. We need the dancing bananas - where are they!!!!! Hello all
  13. Am with you on that! Can wait till November to see it! So good listeneing eh! Glasgow is going to be so so so good!
  14. Good job am in an empty house with my singing and hunting for that bucket lol
  15. I am loving the clear feed. Not sure if want to watch too though as save that for November
  16. Ha ha I need to find it. Was too well used last tour ha ha
  17. Song for someone - gets me going every time. Pass the tissues please

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    2. Zhivvy


      Me too - but it hurts my ears when i sing!!!

    3. stanley14


      Lol. Keep on singing Zhiv ;-)

    4. Anjana


      It hurts my ears when u sing too...could u keep it down please :P

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