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  1. Bono, ask all band members what they hate to play. Practice each hate 3 hrs for a week try to get it to a point that it strarts to sound good the next week work on another hate. At the end of four weeks put the scraps together mske a new albu.m

  2. got ticket access but no code. got a unable to process for last tour had to buy re-sale. I have to say tm has not been good to me. sucks to be me!
  3. I must be only one in exp group no cide for u!
  4. was able to pik 4 tickets got to the end picked no insurance then it said no service provided??? kept trying until time was up and lost tickets, then it just said sorry try again. went through u2 toure was able to see tickets to purchase but can not unlock only vip u2JTA BEEN TRYING ALL DAY NO LUCK LIKE MY CODE GOT USED BUT I HAVE NO TICKETS!!!
  5. Play for trump. U wAnt to unite? Show up play the best accustical version of pride in the name of love to the wold!!! We need u!!!
  6. virgopolaris


    Free stuff
  7. Take us to a new place please, change it up, slap our shit with a new place to go. We know u got that shit, time to unleash it. Just saying.
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