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  1. There's a place I go when I am...

  2. There's a place I go when I am far away

  3. Patrick was a saint, I ain't

  4. I want to run, I want to hide, I want to tear down these walls that hold ME inside...

  5. Happy Birthday Adam! 53 on 3-13-13 :~)

  6. Into the darkness of springing ahead

  7. 26 years ago my love affair with U2 began with the Joshua Tree album :~)

  8. Spring ahead tonight, another step closer to a new album

  9. I need a new album & tour to look forward to

  10. Where is Snow Patrol when you need them? Seriously! We need our driveway cleared again

    1. joshthetree
    2. Achtung75


      Have you tried Mr.Plow or maybe the Plow kingly ding?

  11. Unfortunately snow is on my mind today. But it makes ME think of Snow Patrol & 360

    1. Bretho


      Snow is the last thing on my mind here, day 4 of temperatures over 30 degrees celcius...only 5 days of wether like this to go they say!

    2. deannamarieu2


      hope we dont get the snow storm thats predicted for NY tomorrow. :(

  12. I can't upload a photo from my iPhoto library b/c it's too big. I managed to select my picture from the gallery as my profile picture, but it only shows my left shoulder. I can't crop it it either. UGH! :(

  13. I'm so happy the "community" is back! It's about freakin' time!

    1. bigwave


      looks like your profile image is broken - try removing from your user profile & re-uploading

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