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  1. I tried to buy 4 tickets for Philly in the first Citi presale. I bought one pair but when I tried to use my code for another pair, it wouldn't let me back in.
  2. Hang in there Wawa. Last tour TICKETMASTER dropped the price of the $300 seats the day before or day of show, at MSG at least.
  3. Close to $700 for two side view tickets, lower or upper level for MSG and other shows. wow. Not everyone can stand in GA. Sad.
  4. Who in their right mind is spending $300+ for upper level seats? U2 has balls charging that much. I remember on SOI tour Ticketmaster sold them at a discount the day of the show.
  5. When I bought Killers tickets the free CD didn't come until 2 weeks after the album dropped.
  6. Did the Innocence group get their presale codes today or will they get them tomorrow?
  7. Asking a question for a friend...If he buys a bundled U2.com membership through Ticketmaster tomorrow during the presale, is he automatically able to take part in the presale? (Instead of signing up through U2.com and getting the passcode there, etc.)
  8. Thanks to reading about it on this board, last night in NJ I too walked right on past the red zone and into the inner circle. We had a great spot on Adam's side. Just a tip for anybody else after MUSE plays their set, the obstructed views(speakers, soundboard roof, etc will be taken down, so if you suffer through the obstruction when MUSE is on, you will be awarded with Bono and Adam looking down at you from 6 ft away!
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