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    The Joshua Tree and No Line on the Horizon
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    I Still Havent Found What I,m Looking For and Magnificent
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    Lovetown Auckland 1989
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    360 Auckland 2010
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    Vertigo Auckland 2006
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  1. Sunny days in the garden with my Little Rays of Light, follow the link to the light. https://youtu.be/7T32KK96REY
  2. Forgive me for not mentioning Boy, now theres an album that gets you up and keeps you there,
  3. We,ve heard it said on more than a few occassions that U2 came out of punk rock, is it not conceivable to think that a nod to that era with a set of songs forming a new album or ep might eventuate at some point. Look U2 need to get busy and put out 2 or 3 albums of different flavours in quick succession, demanding yes, impossible no, bring it on!
  4. zoocat

    A Plea

    Right I'm not gonna mince words, quite simply my inner voice is telling me to speak, so speak I shall, the last great U2 album landed in 2009. It was called No Line On The Horizon. It contained the essence of U2, it was beautifully put together by among others Eno and Lanois. Songs of Innocence has me returning from time to time and is a very very good album, and I do love it. Songs of Experience feels forced, there are however some very good songs there, and ok they wanted to expetiment a bit, no harm no foul and when the time is right I will listen again. Now th
  5. Love yes it exists in many ways, some obvious, some not so, love can go undetected between two people, the third person wont even see it, love is also sometimes trapped between two realms and unwittingly suppresses true joy for brief moments in time, before it capitulates and the floodwaters over run with an outpouring of bent up emotions to rival the ages. Ah love, in all shapes and forms, a real love for love is the mighty salvation of the entire planet, together with the inoculation of the entire human race to exhibit a concise and cohesive approach to living taking in every plausible and p
  6. If you followed that link, you might enjoy this one. City Boy Shuffle https://youtu.be/aC9H7U9qTYI
  7. zoocat


    Her,es hoping the next decade is a busy one for U2 in the studio and on the road. Lot,s of lightbulbs goin off and all that jazz. Where is a new collaboration with Eno and Lanois when you need one. Not far away lads eh.? Well with recent statesmen of the rock and blues world showing us theres plenty of gas in the tank then anything is possible. Now theres another thought. A U2 blues album. That would be awesome. You got some more heavy lyrics in ya Bono. Cmon man I reckon some of that Rattle and Hum bluesy stuff was top notch. Hopi
  8. Hi, share your stories of delightful love here. I will get the ball rolling and direct you to my tub and a moment dedicated to my lovely Wife Madalinn. Oh its clean by the way. https://youtu.be/8R_iit2jwJM
  9. https://youtu.be/LytKGEyJ9KM Hope Springs Eternal
  10. The lockdown here in NZ is over for now. Spent some quality time with the family. Hope ya all are safe and feeling loved. A little ditty I had an inspirational moment. Youtube search Scott Catley Lockdown Blues
  11. The Rules of Engagement I sit on the hill with my back to the sun. My lover and I hand in hand. We look up in time as flashes of light batter the land. They speak of us like specks of dust. They cannot know what they sow as blow after blow we fall to the snow. One man falls another rises yet he brings with him a vision that despises. We are the makers of our mistakes. He only put breath into us yet he doesnt forsake. What then can we do but watch and wait. Sitting on the hill untill the hour grows late. Resurgance of love backed up by action is the answer to
  12. Love versus Hate Love heals and hate steals Love in the light. Hate in the shadows. Two strong words can be bedfellows. Where do we stand in this moment in time. Some of us shine while others decline. I pray for the ones caught in the fires they are not there because of evil desires. He walked on water and now hovers above the raincloud. Oh sweet Jesus pour it out and drench the land with your tears. Your love is our life though we toil in strife. Your Fathers creatures are screaming in the night not knowing if left is right or right is wrong.
  13. Surrounded Here I stand surrounded by love and war. What is the cause and what is it for. Lovers unite. Bombs drop at night. On goes the fight, no one is right. And when my little one sees a tear in my eye. She looks for the reason and asks me why. Oh oh oh my darling close your eyes and dream. Dream the world right. Lets link hands tonight and be beacons of light that pull back cast off souls out of their plight. No more should we see the endless sea of misery that drowns the ones like you and me. The dark ones are only lost, they cant get past t
  14. Well weve had Zootv live from Sydney. Howz about Joshua Tree Live from Auckland. Im buzzing along nicely from the great night three weeks ago. Man I hope they captured it. Would be a great film
  15. Sometimes you never know what you need in your life untill it slaps you in the face and says wake up where you been man. On Friday night at Mt Smart Stadium I was delivered just that. And how grateful I am because I feel like different man in the sense that my U2 drought has ended Thank Heavens and Thanks U2 for a really memorable show. My Son and I shared a really special moment in time together with you guys. Top class delivery on all accounts. Cant wait for your return and really loiking forward to new U2 album and glad you guys had a nice time here. All the best for the rest of the tour an
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