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    The Joshua Tree and No Line on the Horizon
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    I Still Havent Found What I,m Looking For and Magnificent
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    Lovetown Auckland 1989
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  1. Urgency in Bono,s delivery, youv,e hit the nail on the head, i guess the message dictates the delivery, I would like to think that there is more than enough subject matter around these days to amount to something feisty when they return, Im sure Larry must itching like no body's business to pound the shit out of his drumkit again for a studio album too.
  2. Noted Max, back to the album discussion folks
  3. Being a dinosaur who has more than a few turn of phrases to ponder over when cooking up a statement I sometimes forget that certain words could offend, I like to shoot from the hip and dont care too much about modern ideaology, and a big part of that is because its exactly why there is so much confusion in the world today, I dont have a sixpack abdominal region yet my brother in law is allways having a go at those he percieves should be in better shape, and nastily sometimes, but I brush it off, some phisiques will never get there sometimes due to genetics, So we all have our crosses to bear,
  4. Interesting yes,Im going to listen to War, Songs of Innocence and The Unforgettable Fire and report back 🌜
  5. The first three albums should be there focus on deciding upon a platform for the next album, Unforgettable Fire is a fantastic album as is Josh, they were significant steps in another direction after War, I cant help wondering what a U2 album would sound like if they said right lets make a record that could could be considered as a bridge between War and The Unforgettable Fire,I guess the question is which song or songs could sit comfortably from War on UF and vice versa, I would say 40 could slot in to UF, and thats it, do they think about these kinds of things I dont know, and does it really matter anyway, that I dont know too, but I do know this, they just cant pin there hopes on hit singles tunnel vision, those great songs that we all love will happen naturally or not, the whole body of the sound is key, and together with cutting edge lyricist in top form we can hopefully look forward to the next U2 classic, we sure need one thats for sure
  6. Im in a brutal mood, havent listened to Bono and Edge new collaboration with the girly boy, no offence but if U2 return then they should be seriously thinking about their legacy and what would serve them best. War is quintessential U2 so raw and powerful and this is the lightning in a bottle they need to recapture, give us a no holds barred statement on the confused and fucked up world that we live in today with a dash of the U2 humanity thrown in, I know you guys can see what we do, are you brave enough to get really controversial and up everyones asses one more time, hoping so, bye for now
  7. Sunny days in the garden with my Little Rays of Light, follow the link to the light. https://youtu.be/7T32KK96REY
  8. Forgive me for not mentioning Boy, now theres an album that gets you up and keeps you there,
  9. We,ve heard it said on more than a few occassions that U2 came out of punk rock, is it not conceivable to think that a nod to that era with a set of songs forming a new album or ep might eventuate at some point. Look U2 need to get busy and put out 2 or 3 albums of different flavours in quick succession, demanding yes, impossible no, bring it on!
  10. zoocat

    A Plea

    Right I'm not gonna mince words, quite simply my inner voice is telling me to speak, so speak I shall, the last great U2 album landed in 2009. It was called No Line On The Horizon. It contained the essence of U2, it was beautifully put together by among others Eno and Lanois. Songs of Innocence has me returning from time to time and is a very very good album, and I do love it. Songs of Experience feels forced, there are however some very good songs there, and ok they wanted to expetiment a bit, no harm no foul and when the time is right I will listen again. Now this is what I know, and I don,t know everything, but I just know that U2 Eno and Lanois have a chemistry that will not be replicated. I believe it is incredibly important at this time for the band to feel comfortable in their skins with the next album immenent. Now that may or may not happen with some of the others, but with Eno and Lanois at the helm then a greater degree of freedom to just let go and see where it all leads should work like a treat, God willing. U2 and or Bono will always have something to say regarding political issues of the time etc, but please man can you light up the music once again by giving us a commentary through your lyrics based on what you see right in front of you every where you go. Cheers A fan.
  11. Love yes it exists in many ways, some obvious, some not so, love can go undetected between two people, the third person wont even see it, love is also sometimes trapped between two realms and unwittingly suppresses true joy for brief moments in time, before it capitulates and the floodwaters over run with an outpouring of bent up emotions to rival the ages. Ah love, in all shapes and forms, a real love for love is the mighty salvation of the entire planet, together with the inoculation of the entire human race to exhibit a concise and cohesive approach to living taking in every plausible and potentially viable avenue available to attempt a reversal of the damage done to civilizations and scars of the earth before its beyond us.
  12. If you followed that link, you might enjoy this one. City Boy Shuffle https://youtu.be/aC9H7U9qTYI
  13. zoocat


    Her,es hoping the next decade is a busy one for U2 in the studio and on the road. Lot,s of lightbulbs goin off and all that jazz. Where is a new collaboration with Eno and Lanois when you need one. Not far away lads eh.? Well with recent statesmen of the rock and blues world showing us theres plenty of gas in the tank then anything is possible. Now theres another thought. A U2 blues album. That would be awesome. You got some more heavy lyrics in ya Bono. Cmon man I reckon some of that Rattle and Hum bluesy stuff was top notch. Hoping for 4 or 5 albums from the lads in the next decade. Whatdya reckon.
  14. Hi, share your stories of delightful love here. I will get the ball rolling and direct you to my tub and a moment dedicated to my lovely Wife Madalinn. Oh its clean by the way. https://youtu.be/8R_iit2jwJM
  15. https://youtu.be/LytKGEyJ9KM Hope Springs Eternal
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