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  1. The lockdown here in NZ is over for now. Spent some quality time with the family. Hope ya all are safe and feeling loved. A little ditty I had an inspirational moment. Youtube search Scott Catley Lockdown Blues
  2. Well weve had Zootv live from Sydney. Howz about Joshua Tree Live from Auckland. Im buzzing along nicely from the great night three weeks ago. Man I hope they captured it. Would be a great film
  3. Sometimes you never know what you need in your life untill it slaps you in the face and says wake up where you been man. On Friday night at Mt Smart Stadium I was delivered just that. And how grateful I am because I feel like different man in the sense that my U2 drought has ended Thank Heavens and Thanks U2 for a really memorable show. My Son and I shared a really special moment in time together with you guys. Top class delivery on all accounts. Cant wait for your return and really loiking forward to new U2 album and glad you guys had a nice time here. All the best for the rest of the tour and beyond.
  4. Next best thing to Christmas Eve and just as exciting. Bringing my Son along for his 1st big outdoor show. The stage looks great. Touch wood this glorious weather holds. Luminos Times hold on to love. Spanish Eyes in the mix hope so. Cheers
  5. Got some tickets a bit of a fluke though through the LN presale. GA went very fast. U2 in November and Kiss in December nice way to kick off the tail end of the year.
  6. Dont come to New Zealand and Australia until you are about to release a new album COME DOWN UNDERFIRST. THANKS. If you must come now make sure you play Spark Arena in Auckland thanks
  7. Thump thump bang bang Slam slam thud thud There goes another dud Not really not in my eyes However to no surprise it is the bind that ties Days go by into weeks then a year or even two sometimes three lo and behold four even Then what appears melts our hearts and can bring tears. I cant pretend to say something you wont. I cant play a single note. They are there in my head though just so that you know now off you go and get ready for the show. Dress in red or that birthday suit. Dont worry your head your ripe as fruit. Roll with it any way you can fire in ya belly and watch more telly.
  8. Some great music being released so far in 2017 and a U2 record would add to the fun.
  9. Hi Guys. Could you try and get down here sometime this year for a show. Would really appreciate it. Regards Scott.
  10. Hello U2 people A belated Christmas greeting to you all together with warm wishes for a safe and happy New Year around the corner. What good thing happened to me today? Hmmmm well good things did happen today, went on a blueberry pick with my wife and kids. A really neat thing happened a few days ago, POP was broadcast to my neighbours via my Beats pill+. Now these speakers really do give out a great sound and the ear picks up great vibes from them. It has been a very interesting year with lots of things happening all over the planet and everywhere else. Those of you who have mingled with me on past posts may be wondering where have I been for the last year or so. I can only say to that head down backside up. Now hang on I am not being rude or such. Simply put a kiwi way saying incredibly busy with not much time for anything other than putting bread on the table for my loved ones. I am currently on a two week vacation from the daily grind and loving every minute of it. Some might say getting in touch with myself again, there is that rude inclination again. Moreover finding time to do the things that really matter outside work is what i am getting at. This zoo cat realizes the importance of retaining balance and a big part of 2017 will be about actively seeking that. 2016 saw the birth of our fourth child. Serena Bella Star, A sister to Monica and Paige here on Earth. And to Selena Rose who resides in heaven with the Angels and the All Mighty Father. All the best to you all and stay safe out there. Regards Zoocat SOE on the way. Great news!
  11. Great news this is, I will be trying to bag the super deluxe, awesome looking packages. Also would like to see the real thing here in NZ sometime too.
  12. Perhaps Songs of Experience the album might arrive in time to fit in with the new tour, here,s hoping so, keep filling up the world with that fantastic music guys.
  13. 2005, I heard on the radio U2 are coming to Auckland after 13 years, gotta get tickets, nailed some for the first show through U2.com presale. Second show announced, gonna go ballistic to get em. End up sitting outside Real Groovy on Queen Street for two days waiting for the box office to open on Monday morning. A crowd gathers behind me and stretches for about a mile around the block, heaps of coffee, biscuits and burgers bought in to sustain the troops. Monday morning and I get 4 more for the Saturday show, stoked, hop on the Yamaha and head home. Mum later tells me that a mad U2 fan has just appeared on TV having been holed up outside a record store for two days. We both laugh, she knows what it means to me. Night of the show, right at the front of the walkway, with my brothers, and my Mrs, Po going to City of Blinding Lights, being reduced to tears by a beautifully played acoustic version of Walk On. Spellbound for two or more hours by a blistering set of songs, culminating with Kite, and Bono showing his prowess with the Auckland night breeze. Fly it high Brother, you da man.
  14. I hope Brazil win it in flambouyant fashion, in an exciting final against either Argentina or England. I don,t think Spain will be as strong this time around, Germany will be very dangerous, as will France.
  15. Hi Chris, welcome aboard, there is a wealth of information for you to explore around here. Personally I drift in and out from time to time, I have been into them for a number of years, and am heartened to know that they can still attract a vibrant young audience, Ordinary love certainly is a great tune, as is Invisible in its own unique way. have you got a few albums ? if so, which ones are your favourites.
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