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    U2 Vinyl

    Yup, I got them all 😀
  2. mgiv78

    U2 Vinyl

    Thanks @Max Tsukino and @mich40! Much appreciated. I always got everything on CD back in the day, and went digital in the early-mid 2000s. It’s nice to have physical media again, especially considering the sound and album art.
  3. mgiv78

    U2 Vinyl

    Hello! I recently began collecting U2 on vinyl (because it's nice to have physical media as opposed to digital) and am curious how folks have gone about buying U2 on vinyl, i.e., local shops, online, etc. I've been visiting local stores and buying from Discogs, but curious if anyone has come across any other good places online to buy.
  4. @Dean Allison An option to choose your physical media along with a digital download would be clutch!
  5. Point noted @dmway Honestly, you put into words my general feelings on this subject so thank you!
  6. LOVE this! Can we bring back the vinyl versions of these gifts though? DVDs/CDs are insignificant forms of media nowadays, but vinyl's legacy lives on. Listening to Live from Boston on vinyl right now - it's glorious!
  7. My wife and I have 2 separate memberships to U2.com, thus 2 different pre-sale codes. I used both codes - mine during the eXPERIENCE pre-sale, and hers during the iNNOCENCE pre-sale. I used the same account/credit card for both Ticketmaster transactions though. Will I lose my tickets because I used the same account/credit card on Ticketmaster?
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