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  1. Face value $90. We're leaving now so you will need to text me. [NO PERSONAL INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE]
  2. We have an extra GA. We probably won't go in until 7ish. $90. This ticket is no longer available.
  3. The Brasil fans are saying something on facebook about MULTISHOW (whatever that is) streaming the Paris concert after Lollapoolza. Does anyone know what they're talking about?
  4. We're really hoping to get tix for this show!
  5. Boston's fleet of tall ships has just opened up for this season's reservations. The hostel rates are fair and the location is very close to the venue. http://www.libertyfleet.com/boston-harbor-cruises/boston-boat-hostel
  6. So we really need 2 GA for the second Boston show on 7/11. PLEASE.
  7. [quote name='jbarnych wrote: BulletTheRedSky']No lie, I thought this thread was gonna say "It's gonna take 7 days for Bono's back to heal" lol. Me too. I guess we were waaaaay off. lol
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